Don’t Buy The OnePlus 5 Just Yet, A Soft Gold Color Option May Be Coming Next Month

OnePlus 5’s launch was met with good reviews and some issues, but amid all that, it is without a doubt one of the most popular flagships of this year. Although the resemblance to the iPhone 7 Plus is uncanny, you can’t deny that the Chinese smartphone looks and feels premium. And what would be better? By adding a Gold color option, of course.

OnePlus 5 Gold Variant May Be Released Soon

OnePlus 5 is currently available only with Midnight Black and Slate Grey. Both are equally beautiful, but the options lack “oomph.” But that’s about to change once the Gold option comes around.

So how do we know it’s coming? A report from Pocket Now comes across a TENAA certification record dating back May 25. It lists A5000, OnePlus 5’s code, with the specs and features that were revealed earlier this week, including the two colors that we know.

However, the record shows a third variant. If translated, it would be “mint gold” alongside “gun gray” and “stars black.” According to the report, this essentially means Soft Gold, like the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T color that came a bit later.

This is enough evidence to believe that a Soft Gold OnePlus 5 variant is coming eventually, we just don’t know when. Observing the release of this color option for last year’s smartphones, we may be looking at its release in the second half of July.

OnePlus 5 Is A Balance Between Price And Top Specs

It’s not like OnePlus 5 badly needs a Gold color option though. “The Flagship Killer” is performing well so far. The latest smartphone from the Chinese company definitely looks good – if you disregard its similarities with the iPhone 7 Plus, and if you don’t compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S8 – and it is fitted with top-notch specs that will bring it closer to the Samsung and Apple flagships.

A beautiful phone powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and 6GB or 8GB RAM is certainly up there with the bigger brands, but not the price. At only $479, OnePlus 5 makes for a great alternative to the Galaxy S8 or even the upcoming iPhone 8. You can buy it widely on June 27, per The Verge.

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