Lewis Hamilton Wants Sebastian Vettel To ‘Prove He’s A Man’ With ‘Face To Face’ Talks After Azerbaijan Crash

A furious Lewis Hamilton has insisted that if Sebastian Vettel “wants to prove he’s a man” he will speak “face-to-face” with him after their controversial collision at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The three-time Formula One world champion was apoplectic with his German counterpart after Sebastian Vettel hit his Mercedes from behind while they were both behind the safety car, only for the German to then drive alongside Hamilton and then smash into the side of him, too.

Sebastian Vettel acted in such a manner because he believed that Hamilton had deliberately slowed in front of him, something that’s referred to as “brake-testing” in Formula One. Lewis Hamilton has denied these claims. You can watch footage of the incident courtesy of Trending Sports here.

In the aftermath of the incident, Sebastian Vettel was given a 10-second stop and go penalty, which pushed him further down the pecking order. However, Sebastian Vettel was actually able to extend his lead over Lewis Hamilton, because the British driver had to make an extra pit stop because his headrest had become loose. Sebastian Vettel ultimately finished fourth, Lewis Hamilton fifth, while Red Bull’s Daniel Riccardo was the one that won the race.

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After the race, Sebastian Vettel continued to try and claim his innocence, not only insisting that he crashed into the back of Lewis Hamilton because he’d been “brake-tested” by the Mercedes driver, but added that Hamilton should have received a 10-second ban like he did.

However, the stewards at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix found Lewis Hamilton innocent of these claims. After studying the data from Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes car, they discovered that he’d acted in the exact same manner at the corner on the previous two restarts. Both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel insisted after the Grand Prix that the title race between the duo was still clean and respectful.

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At the same time, though, Hamilton called Vettel “a disgrace” and referred to his driving as “disgusting” and said it was “not sportsman’s conduct.” Sebastian Vettel noted that he would seek out Lewis Hamilton and talk over the incident with his rival. However, when Hamilton was asked whether he believed Vettel would actually apologize, he told the BBC, “I don’t fancy seeing him. It might turn into something else.”

The next Grand Prix will take place in Austria on July 9.

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