WWE Rumors: Did Paige And Alberto El Patron Break Up? Paige Responds To Rumors With Cryptic Tweet

Several wrestling publications have reported it as news – the oftentimes-controversial Paige and Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE) broke up earlier today. But there may be enough reason to believe that the couple might not be done with each other after all, and that things may have been blown well out of proportion.

As mentioned above, multiple wrestling websites, including SEScoops, reported today that Paige and Alberto El Patron broke up on Saturday night while they were on vacation in Orlando. It's been claimed that the couple got into a bad argument that resulted in El Patron breaking up with his girlfriend of more than a year. The SEScoops report cited sources close to Alberto and Paige, who were present during the alleged "blow-up," and believe that El Patron will be better for having broken up with his much younger fiancee.

Interestingly, reports of the high-profile wrestling breakup came not long after Paige took to Instagram to post a photo of herself and El Patron having fun while on vacation. It's not sure as of the moment what had triggered the couple's argument, but SEScoops pointed out that Paige and Alberto have long had a history of controversial antics away from the ring. These have most recently included El Patron's multiple drunken rants against WWE and its officials, as Sportskeeda had reported in April.

However, there's a chance that Paige and Alberto El Patron may not have broken up after all, and that El Patron may have overreacted out of anger. Earlier today, Paige took to Twitter to post a brief tweet that may suggest people may have jumped the gun in thinking that she's "back on the market" and that she and Alberto had ended their relationship.

"relax people…lol"
Most of the replies from Paige's tweet are from followers who want to know the real score between her and El Patron, though there have been some who have interpreted her message as a denial of the allegations that Alberto had broken up with her.
Separately, Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin tweeted that he doesn't see the Paige and Alberto El Patron breakup lasting for long, going to the point of predicting that within the next two days, the couple would be back together.
El Patron has yet to comment on the issue as of this writing. While he's normally outspoken on social media, none of his recent Twitter posts have made reference to any sort of breakup with Paige.

Do you think this new product of the WWE rumor mill is true, or do you think that wrestling "dirt sheets" may have jumped into a conclusion?

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