Santa Clarita Road-Rage Incident Sends Police On Search For Motorcyclist

A road rage incident that was captured on video and since gone viral has led the California Highway Patrol in search of the motorcyclist who was involved in the incident. In the video, the operator of the motorcycle can be seen kicking the door of a tan Nissan sedan. The sedan violently swerves left in an effort to hit the motorcycle, but then loses control and swerves violently before crashing into the freeway divider. The incident doesn't stop there, as the Nissan then ricochets off of the divider and continues to careen out of control across several lanes of traffic. As it travels, it strikes a passing truck, flipping the truck over and onto its roof.

The truck skid to a halt as the Nissan spins a complete 360 before stopping with severe damage. Meanwhile, the motorcyclist involved in the incident was able to drive off without stopping. Because the operator of the motorcycle was involved in the initial incident that led to the accident, California Highway Patrol is treating it as a hit-and-run. CHP Officer Josh Greengard said in a statement that the CHP is treating the incident as a road rage incident, and need to investigate all aspects of the incident.

The driver of the pickup truck was lightly injured in the crash. He was assisted from the vehicle by bystanders. The elderly man was then hospitalized for an overnight stay with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to an interview with Chris Traber, the gentleman who filmed the video, the original incident that sparked the confrontation wasn't caught on tape. The motorcycle was trying to pass the Nissan, which was traveling in the HOV lane, on the right side. The sedan exited the HOV lane without noticing the motorcycle and bumped into it. Traber praised the motorcyclist for his skill, saying "He almost went down. That guy can really handle his bike."

California highway patrol is looking for a motorcyclist involved in a road rage incident
A road rage incident involving a motorcycle and Nissan Sedan was caught on video and went viral [Image by A Leskik/Shutterstock]

After that, the motorcyclist pulled up next to the sedan and was making gestures and trying to communicate. From Traber's point of view, the driver of the sedan was being equally vociferous. The motorcyclist then began kicking the Nissan's passenger door. At that point, Traber started filming the viral video, which captured the dramatic turn of events seen above.

The California Highway Patrol did not cite the driver of the Nissan, waiting until they are able to interview the motorcyclist. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the CHP to assist them in this investigation.

[Featured Image by ChiccoDodiFC/Shutterstock]