Did Daniel Bryan Just Say His In-Ring Return Date And Challenge Cody Rhodes For The ROH Title Or Troll Us All?

If Daniel Bryan is going to return to the ring to ever wrestle again, it looks as if he has a really good idea when it will be and who he wants as his first opponent.

On Friday night, Cody Rhodes made history by winning the Ring of Honor World Championship and it was a moment that many current WWE stars congratulated him on. One of those superstars is SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, who may have sent out a subtle challenge for the title.

At the Ring of Honor Best In The World pay-per-view event on Friday, Rhodes defeated Christopher Daniels to capture the title and fulfill a lifelong dream. It really was a great moment in wrestling and something that any and all fans can appreciate and realize the importance of.

Looking at the other end of things, Daniel Bryan officially retired from the ring in February of 2016 due to his health and medical concerns, but there has always been hope that he may return one day. Bryan has teased returning to wrestle on many occasions, even it would have to be in another promotion and not necessarily for WWE.

That's what makes his most recent tweets so very interesting.

Cageside Seats noticed that Daniel Bryan sent some tweets out late on Saturday evening and the first one was a really cool congratulatory message for Cody Rhodes.You can't help but respect this tweet as Daniel Bryan is truly considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. To have him send this out to Cody Rhodes with such a detailed account of his time as World Champion in Ring of Honor is something that should feel great for the superstar now known as "The American Nightmare."

Just two minutes later, Daniel Bryan tweeted out once more and this time, he trolled the entire Internet while also challenging Rhodes to a match.

At this point, fans were immediately worked up into a frenzy to realize that he not only knew exactly when he can wrestle again, but he challenged the ROH World Champion. Bryan said earlier this year (March) that his contract with WWE would be up in 18 months and he would see where things go from there.

According to the calculations he threw out, everything seems to be somewhat on par with the "462 days." Of course, Bryan tweeted out a third and final time as he was extremely proud of what he had accomplished with just a couple of tweets.

While Bryan may have been simply pointing out how long his title reign in Ring of Honor lasted to Cody Rhodes, it may not signify the exact date he can wrestle again. Still, doing the research and the math actually makes sense.

Now, 18 months equals up to approximately 547 days and when Bryan said he had 18 months remaining on his WWE contract, that was in the middle of March. Take 85-90 days off of the year-and-a-half total, you get close to 462.

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It wouldn't be the first time these two have squared off as they battled a few times in a WWE ring in the past.

Pro Wrestling Sheet isn't entirely certain if Daniel Bryan really was trolling all of the fans or not. It could be that he simply wanted to stir everyone up and have them not truly know what the truth actually will be, or he may be speaking with the utmost truth.

A title reign of 462 days is something that doesn't happen quite often in the wrestling world these days, but it isn't impossible. Holding a title for that extreme length of time may be exactly what Cody Rhodes could do and he'd have to fend off a lot of challengers throughout that time. If he does hold onto the title for four months, six months, one year...you can guarantee that fans will think back to these tweets from Daniel Bryan and wonder if his WWE career is ending soon and his in-ring return is coming.

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