'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 97 Preview Analysis: NEP Reveals Goku Vs. Jiren Next Week, Will The Saiyan Lose?

The NEP of Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 was very brief, but it did give a very clear idea of what the entirety of the Tournament of Power would be like. From the short preview, it appears that the grand battle royale would be exactly as it was built up by the anime -- an all-out war against the strongest of the DB Multiverse. It would be, for lack of a better term, insane.

Numerous scenes were revealed in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 preview, featuring fighters from various universes battling each other in one-on-one and team skirmishes, according to noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. If there was anything noticeable from the Episode 97 NEP, however, it was the fact that Universe 11's Pride Troopers were featured prominently, from Toppo, the team leader, to Jiren, the strongest on the team.

Toppo, the leader of the U11 representative squad, was shown attacking a fighter, just as other members of the elite group of warriors were shown to be engaged in multiple simultaneous battles. Behemoths from U9 and U4 were also teased to be battling against one another. Apart from this, the Trio De Dangers, the wolf brothers from Universe 9, were shown attacking in unison, with the youngest, Basil, leading the charge. Lastly, a stocky fighter from Universe 10 was also shown to be trading blows with the Pride Trooper leader, much to the awe of the tournament's spectators.

The simultaneous battle among the 80 participants in the Tournament of Power seemed to shock the deities in attendance, as the God of Destruction of Universe 2, Helles, appeared to have been affected by the events happening in the arena. Helles was not the only one that showed some shock at the battle royale, however, as both Omni Kings were also shown to be awestruck at the display of power going on in the tournament.

Various Universe 7 warriors were also shown to be fighting their own battles, including Goku and Master Roshi, who was featured shooting a Kamehameha wave at an opponent. The mecha fighters of Universe 3 were also featured, and from what could be determined from the brief scenes of the fighters, they seemed to be ganging up on Android 17, who has summoned a protective field to shield himself from the attacks.

While the Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 NEP featured numerous skirmishes from various participants in the Tournament of Power, the most notable moment in the brief preview was a scene featuring Goku and Jiren, as noted by numerous viewers and avid DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit. If the short teaser is any indication, Goku appears to be targeting Jiren from the get-go, and this would likely result in massive consequences for the powerful Saiyan.

Jiren has been built up to be the strongest character in the Tournament of Power, with fan speculations suggesting that formidable characters such as Hit or Frieza might very well be sacrificed by the anime just to demonstrate how overpowered the Universe 11 fighter really was. If any, Jiren would likely be the most powerful foe that Goku has faced to date. Thus, the Saiyan's battle with the Pride Trooper would most likely be incredibly intense.

The results of Goku and Jiren's initial skirmish at the beginning of the Tournament of Power remain unknown for now, though speculations suggest that the Pride Trooper would likely defeat the Saiyan. Such an event would likely further the anime's plot, as Goku would have a legitimate opponent to overcome once more. Such plot devices have been utilized by the Dragon Ball franchise in the past, usually to great effect.

The Tournament of Power would officially begin with Dragon Ball Super Episode 97. Needless to say, next week's episode would be the most important one in the ongoing saga yet, as the first blows of the ambitious tournament are exchanged and rivalries between formidable fighters are formed.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 would be available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]