Roman Reigns, WWE Baby Face And Heel, Is Unbelievably Underpaid, Brock Lesnar Tops Highest Paid List

Roman Reigns is arguably one of the most popular faces in the WWE today. However, that does not automatically translate to having the richest salary in the WWE.

Reigns sits just outside the top 10 of the list of 2017's highest paid WWE superstars. Roman is getting paid a measly $245,000 annually for two years, which puts Reigns at the 12th spot. The top earner is Brock Lesnar, who commands a whopping $3 million a year. Brock is currently signed to a three-year contract. Lesnar also receives 3.25 percent share of merchandise sales and PPV revenues and gets to travel for free.

Sitting comfortably at the second spot of top WWE salaries is wrestling superstar John Cena with a pay of $2.75 million, annually to go with 7 percent on merchandise sales and PPV revenue share. Triple H ($2.12 million), The Undertaker ($1.75 million), and Randy Orton ($1.6 milion) rounds up the top five WWE earners. The next top WWE salaries belong to Sheamus ($1.3 million), Big Show ($1.2 million), Rey Mysterio ($985,000), Dolph Ziggler ($900,00), and Seth Rollins ($310,00), former Shield brother of Reigns. At the 11th spot and just a bit richer than Reigns with a yearly salary of $254,200 is Bray Wyatt.

These figures were leaked a few months ago by Total Sportek, according to The Sun.

Reigns, the popular WWE babyface, is fast emerging as the top heel as well, according to Bleacher Report. Reigns is considered a prime candidate to be the new face of the WWE.However, he's been acting a lot like a WWE heel lately. Reigns went on a monologue in which he christened himself the No. 1 contender for SummerSlam, which was quickly answered with some cheers and a lot of jeers. Reigns also shamed Samoa Joe when he said that he didn't care whether Brock Lesnar or "that guy they called Joe" wins at the Great Balls of Fire event.
"When it comes down to it, I cannot be beaten one-on-one."
Reigns followed that up by saying that what he's saying is the truth. He then enumerated some of the other WWE stars that he has "put out of commission" in the past, including Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, and his "little brother" Seth Rollins. Like a true WWE heel, Reigns made his claims with a smirk on his face.Many fans also did not appreciate how Reigns boasted of his victory over The Undertaker. Roman's win over the wrestling icon in their April 2 match did not sit well with fans, as many wanted The Undertaker to go out with flourish. An Instagram post showing The Undertaker's five-year-old daughter, Kaia Faith Calaway, watching Monday Night Raw did not help Reigns' cause. The caption explained that the young Calaway was booing Reigns and telling her father what to do to beat Roman the "next time" they fight in the ring.WWE seems to be on board with Reigns' split persona. Reigns continue to wrestle as a good guy yet he's been given leeway to act like a heel. Bleacher Report is reminded of the likes of NBA superstar LeBron James, NFL quarterback Cam Newton, and even U.S. president Donald Trump, who are all "demonized and revered" and "praised and panned."

Like a true heel, Reigns later lost to Samoa Joe.

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