‘Cannibal’ Frat Boy Accused Of Killing And Eating Two Florida Residents Wants A Normal Life

Austin Harrouff

The office of the Martin County State’s Attorney has released hundreds of telephone conversations between “The Cannibal Killer,” Austin Harrouff, and his parents, where he can be heard continually making teary pleas for relief from perceived boredom.

Harrouff is currently in jail awaiting a formal trial, accused of killing and eating parts of a couple from Southeast Kokomo Lane in Florida. John Stevens III and his partner, Michelle Mishcon, were attacked in their home on August 15, 2016.

On the night of the attack, Harrouff, unofficially known as the “Cannibal Killer,” had been spending time with his father in a local sports bar when he became agitated about their food order allegedly taking too long. Harrouff then left the bar and returned to his mother’s home.

Not long after, Harrouff’s mother, Mina, found him in her kitchen attempting to drink cooking oil straight from the bottle. He also reportedly mixed some oil with cheese and ate the mixture. Mina decided to take her son back to the bar.

However, Austin left the bar again and made his way to the home of his victims. Mr. Stevens and Ms. Mishcon were often seen sitting in their garage with the door wide open, greeting and talking with neighbors passing by.

Recordings of police interviews with Austin Harrouff have been made public
Austin Harrouff has a YouTube channel where he posts about bodybuilding. [Image by Austin Harrouff/YouTube] Austin Harrouff

Police are uncertain as to what happened to spark the attack, but the victims had multiple stab wounds, and parts of their bodies had been bitten off.

When officers arrived at the scene, they allegedly discovered Austin sitting on top of Mr. Stevens while “apparently attempting to bite the male victim around the chest.” Documents recording the events also revealed that one officer “observed the suspect actually biting the deceased male victim on numerous occasions.”

Not long after, more officers arrived, and a deputy spotted Harrouff who was now allegedly “chewing on the side of the male victim’s face.”

Harrouff denied having taken any substances. However, he did tell paramedics that he had consumed alcohol and smoked marijuana. Subsequent toxicology reports confirmed that Austin did not have any toxic substances in his blood.

While being arrested, Harrouff reportedly asked a deputy to “help me. I ate something bad.” When prompted to say what he had eaten, Harrouff said, “Humans.”

Once Austin had been taken to a nearby hospital, a detective allegedly witnessed him “spit out what appeared to him to be human flesh,” and also reported seeing human hair in his mouth.

According to the Daily Mail, the phone call records that were recently released paint a picture of a very emotional Austin Harrouff as he makes various requests to his parents. At one stage, Austin tells his father that he just wants to “be a normal kid again.”

The former Florida State University student also revealed details of his boredom and requested reading materials to keep his mind occupied. Harrouff also said that he needed therapy and that he misses his mother.

According to Austin’s attorney, Harrouff is “struggling with severe mental illness, and the judicial process will bear all of this out in due time.”

In later recordings, however, Austin’s mood and tone seem to have drastically changed. His voice has become monotonous, he only answers questions with one word at a time, makes strange sounds, and laughs at seemingly inappropriate times.

Meanwhile, the son of the male victim, John Stevens IV, has rejected an apology that Austin had issued. Mr. Stevens said that Harrouff’s “crocodile tears” would not sway his feelings about the young man who brutally killed his father.

“His apology means nothing to me. If they want to apologize to us, stop this, tell the truth.”

Austin Harrouff will again appear in court on July 25.

[Featured Image by Austin Harrouff/YouTube]