Samsung Reveals LD220G And LD190N LCD Laptop Monitors

Sick and tired of the tiny 13, 15 or even 17 inch displays on your laptop? Why not try out the Samsung LD220G and Samsung LD190N LCD laptop monitors.

The LD220G comes with 22 inches of viewable space, while the LD190N offers 19 inches. Both monitors also lean more in the fashion of a digital photo frame which gives them a nice viewing angle. The 220G connects via USB and even feature a USB hub, while the 190N uses a VGA cable connection.

In terms of resolution the 220G offers full 1080p high def output, while the 190N comes equipped with 1360 x 768 resolution.

Both monitors features 5ms response times, 20000:1 dynamic contrast rations and 250cd/m2 brightness levels.

In terms of pricing you’ll be looking at $149.99 for the 190N and $249.99 for the 220G. [SlipperyBrick]