Three-Fingered ‘Alien’ Mummy Reportedly Found In Peru — Is It A Hoax?

Researchers have reportedly discovered a three-fingered mummified “alien” body in Nazca, Peru. If the city sounds familiar, it’s because Nazca is home to the famous and mysterious Nazca Lines and has long been known as a hotbed of alleged extraterrestrial activity. As Daily Mail reports, video of the so-called “alien mummy” has begun to circulate on YouTube, begging the question, “Is it a hoax?”

On the Gaia website, a video titled “Unearthing Nazca” describes the purportedly historic and potentially history-changing find. The so-called “alien mummy” has been officially dubbed “another creature, another humanoid” by Professor Konstantin Korotkov of Saint Petersburg University in Russia as he tried to make sense of the find. It has been described as 5’6″ tall, humanoid in appearance, having an elongated skull and three long fingers and toes. The mummified creature also lacks an external nose and ears.

According to the folks at Gaia, researchers and filmmakers with the network (which boasts on its website the lofty promise of helping to “empower the evolution of consciousness”) are currently working on the goal of figuring out what the “alien mummy” really is or isn’t.

“We’re going to let you know if it’s human, if it’s non-human.”

Reportedly, the unidentified humanoid creature was originally introduced to researchers, journalists, and filmmakers by Mexican investigative journalist Jaime Maussan. After taking custody of the “alien mummy,” the team at Gaia is said to have launched an in-depth investigation into the artifact.

The so-called three-fingered “alien mummy” appears to be covered in white white powder in all images that have been released, purportedly to aid in preservation. It features a distinctive elongated skull, not uncommon in historic human remains found in the Nazca area of Peru. The effect is believed to have been achieved through the process of “skull binding”

Despite the hopes of Gaia researchers and investigators that the “alien mummy” they are dealing with is the real deal, something non-human and possibly not even of this planet, many have responded to the ongoing and highly publicized investigation with a healthy dose of skepticism. Some have even called the “alien” nothing more than a hoax.

Many doubters of the authenticity of the “alien mummy” took to YouTube to share their thoughts in the comment section.

“Respect my opinion, this is FAKE!”

Some even made references to the notorious alien-hiding organization, the Men in Black.

“Reported to the MIB.”

Nigel Watson, a prolific British UFO author, believes that the so-called “white dust” coating the exterior of the mummy is proof that the “alien” is nothing more than a plaster cast model. According to Watson, the Nazca mummy is “110 perfect fake.”

However, scans reportedly performed by Gaia researchers reveal that underneath the dusty white exterior, the “alien mummy” is far more than plaster. In addition to reportedly featuring a full skeleton, researchers say that the mummy also retains all of its internal organs.

Even fact-checking website Snopes has gotten into the debate over the authenticity of the Gaia “alien mummy.” The website pulled no punches in declaring the mummy a fake, alleging that the “discovery is backed by individuals with a history of making false, pseudoscientific claims.”

Even so, the powers that be at Gaia are continuing to conduct tests on the mummy. It has reportedly been carbon dated, and its age is projected to be from 245-410 AD. The “alien mummy” is also reportedly undergoing a CAT scan and DNA sequencing.

[Featured Image by Gaia/Twitter]

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