‘Still Star-Crossed’ Schedule Change: Shondaland Drama Moves To Saturdays On ABC

The freshman Shondaland drama, Still Star-Crossed, is getting a night change. Pulled from its Monday night slot, it will air on Saturdays from July 8. Many believe that this isn’t good news for the show, and the move is a sign that it will not be renewed for a second season.

TV Line reports that the opening ratings for Still Star-Crossed were just 2.3 million viewers. Those ratings have dropped each week. After just three episodes, the ratings were down to 1.3 million viewers. The ratings are extremely poor compared to Mistresses, which took the post-The Bachelorette slot last summer and saw an average of 2.6 million viewers.

The post-The Bachelorette slot is supposed to be the strongest slot of the summer. Most people will remain tuned into the network after watching the reality TV show. For the show to have such poor ratings will be extremely worrying for the network, which explains the sudden decision to move nights after just three weeks on the air.

Still Star-Crossed has had a handful of episodes air. Contracts for all stars on the periodic drama will expire soon, and they are unlikely to be renewed.

The show is just the latest underwhelming period drama. Reign aired its series finale last week, after seeing dips in the ratings throughout Seasons 2 and 3. The White Princess wasn’t as strong as hoped, although that was always planned as a mini-series. Fans of the Tudor period drama hope to see another Philippa Gregory novel adaptation.


Still Star-Crossed was an adaptation of the Melinda Taub novel of the same name. It tells the story after Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliette. With the two families still at war, a marriage is needed to help prevent the feud from getting even worse. Roselin Capulet is forced to marry Benvolio Montague in an attempt to mend the broken relations.

At one point, there was speculation that Still Star-Crossed was a blind item that the network attempted to pawn off to a streaming service. According to TV Line, there was one drama that had episodes continually over budget, and it wasn’t considered “watchable.” While the show was speculated to be this blind item, there has been no confirmation.


This isn’t the first time the show has seen a schedule change. There were talks of Still Star-Crossed getting a spring lineup. It was a telling sign when ABC opted for a summer premiere.

[Featured Image by ABC]