Social Media Users Accuse Kris Jenner Of Photoshopping Sexy Instagram Pic

Kris Jenner caused a bit of a stir after she posted a sexy gym pic on Instagram Thursday, and many social media users immediately called her out for allegedly Photoshopping the image.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch was slammed for what many believe is a deceiving ad promotion for detox tea. In the pic, the 61-year-old is sporting black workout attire and has her arms and stomach on full display to show off her toned body. Jenner gives credit to the Flat Tummy Tea product for her great figure.

"People always ask me how I stay in shape and looking so good. I detox regularly, especially pre-summer. @flattummytea is my this year's summer must-have and uhhh, I feel amazing."
But has the photo of her body been edited to make her look slimmer? Well, plenty of Instagram users seem to think so and believe they can see proof that the promo pic was heavily edited before it was posted.

Some of Jenner's followers, who noticed something strange about the picture, pointed out that the bench behind her looks warped. Those with a keen eye noticed that her arms look to be Photoshopped and made to appear slimmer because you can hardly see her armpit. There were also claims that either her skin was smoothed out or her complexion was altered, or both.

Of course, we can't really be too surprised if one or all of the Kardashians and Jenners Photoshop their photos. The Daily Mail noted that Khole Kardashian has even admitted to using filters and editing for some of her snaps in the past. And each of the sisters has been accused of doing so at one time or another.

Kris Jenner attending Davis' Pre-Grammy celebration
[Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]

As the Metro reported, Kris was caught posting an edited picture as well of her and Gordon Ramsey back in 2014. The mother of six was busted when the Hell's Kitchen chef posted the same shot via social media, but Jenner's looked quite different.

Even if Jenner's latest pic was Photoshopped, though, not everyone is giving the reality star a hard time about it. A couple users said that she already looks good and doesn't need to alter her pics, while others praised her for putting in work at the gym. Her fans were quick to defend her too, saying it's not a big deal because just about everyone edits their images. However, the negative comments surpassed the number of positive comments, and many feel that if you're going to Photoshop something you plan on sharing with over 17 million followers, the edits should look seamless and not overdone.

What do you think? Did Jenner Photoshop the pic?

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