Elon Musk Envisions A City On Mars, Wants To Send First 100 Inhabitants Within A Decade

Elon Musk has finally revealed why he is accumulating a lot of wealth. The billionaire, currently worth $13 billion, wants to actualize his dream of a city on Mars. He wants the human race to live on another planet lest doomsday or evolution wipes us out. His goal is for the human race to become a multi-planetary species.

According to the Telegraph, Musk believes that Mars is a better option than going to the moon. The conditions on Mars are almost similar to that of Earth – a day lasts only 30 minutes longer and the air needs only be compressed to be able to sustain plants. Plus, the sunlight isn’t too bad. But the gravity is about 37 percent of what we’re used to, so inhabitants would likely be bouncing around.

Elon Musk envisions a Martian city occupied by a million people, which would slowly be transported in 10,000 trips with 100 people on each trip. The cost would be outstanding, but he plans to eventually wind down the cost from $10 billion to $100,000 per person. All of this is possible if we build methane plants on Mars that can then fuel rockets for their journey back to Earth.

[Image by Bill Ingalls/NASA via AP Images]

The journey to and from Mars is a bit time consuming for now, but Elon Musk says that it could be sliced down to just 30 days. All the while, the crew will not have to resort to staring at the blackness of space as a pastime. The billionaire wants to ensure that fun activities will be available during the trip to make it enjoyable.

Space Experts Say No

According to the Daily Mail, space experts are dismissing Musk’s plans as nothing more than a Silicon Valley expert’s version of daydreaming. They state that the billionaire has dismissed a lot of facts that could jeopardize the mission. The temperatures on Mars can drop from 0°C to -120°C at night. So when Musk says we will do a little bit of heating, it is not so little.

[Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS via Getty Images]

The amount of fuel needed is not known and neither is it doable. The experts say that Musk has simply jotted things on paper, but he has not gotten down to the real facts like radiation or solar flares.

The journey itself is not fun, it will be an experimental trip where passengers must be prepared to die. The human colony, therefore, has a lot to think about before landing on Mars.

Elon Musk sees humankind going on its first journey to colonize Mars in a decade. Do you agree with the genius billionaire?

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