Some Mounts In ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Dwarven Crown Crate Can Only Be Looted, Not Purchasable With Gems

With Morrowind out now across all platforms, players of The Elder Scrolls Online are exploring Vvardenfell and mastering the new Warden class. The MMORPG continues to expand, though, with new Crown Store content. This week, new and returning items are available in the game’s Crown Crates. These boxes contain four random items and can be purchased for 400 Crowns each.

This round of Crown Crates is themed around Dwarven culture with unique Dwarven mounts as Apex rewards. The Dwarven Crown Crate in The Elder Scrolls Online also includes returning Hero costumes, Dwarven mementos, other reintroduced costumes, new pets, and much more. This Crown Crate deviates from previous Crown Crates in a new way, too. There are mounts that can only be looted from the Dwarven Crown Crate and cannot be purchased with Crown Gems.

Crown Gems are offered to players when they receive a duplicate item from a Crown Crate. They are also obtained by converting unwanted consumable items in Crown Gems. Players can save up Crown Gems to purchase the item they want outright from the Crown Crate section of the Crown Store. According to the game’s official website, three exclusive mounts can only be collected this way. The Adamat Dwarven Horse, Ebon Dwarven Senche, and the Vitrine Dwarven Wolf are only available by finding them in a Dwarven Crown Crate.

The Elder Scrolls Online Dwarven Crown Crate contents
This Ebon Dwarven Senche can only be looted from a Crown Crate [Image by Bethesda]

Variants of these mounts, and a number of other Dwarven mounts, are available in Dwarven Crown Crates, though. Players may find a Dwarven Guar or Dwarven Camel when opening a Crown Crate, for instance. These rewards are rare, though, and other items are much more likely to be found in a crate. Housing decorations, character customization options, potions, and poisons are more common with the latter few seen more frequently than anything else.

The new Dwarven Crown Crate is available now in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players that want to learn more about the game’s dialog and watch some dueling between developers should check out the upcoming edition of ESO Live on Twitch. Check out the details of the upcoming stream on the game’s site.

The Elder Scrolls Online Breton Armor, Nord Armor, and Elven Armor in Crown Crates now
A small look at what is offered in Dwarven Crown Crates [Image by Bethesda]

In the coming months, The Elder Scrolls Online will also welcome new DLC. As the Inquisitr reported, a new dungeon DLC called “Horns of the Reach” is expected soon. After it is released, players of The Elder Scrolls Online can expect the release of the “Clockwork City” DLC.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]

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