Chicago Man Dies After Jumping Out Of Ambulance

Chicago, IL — Authorities said a 20-year-old Chicago man died after he jumped out of an ambulance that was bringing him to the hospital.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a seemingly incoherent man, identified as Ramiro Reynoso, was sitting in a parked but running car near Mannheim and Irving Park roads when he was spotted by a passerby who called for help.

He was put into an ambulance and transported to Resurrection Medical Center.

Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said at some point during the ride, Reynoso — who was strapped into a gurney — told medics he needed to vomit.

“So they would have handed him the vessel and unbuckled the top strap as he sat up in order to deal with it,” Langford said.

Once the top straps were undone, Reynoso unstrapped his legs and jumped out of the moving ambulance onto the street in the 5900 Block of North Oriole Avenue.

Langford said, “It’s not something you can’t take off yourself. They are there for the patient’s own safety.”

The ambulance was just in sight of the hospital and stopped so paramedics could treat Reynoso’s new injuries. Langford said the ambulance was not moving very fast, but Reynoso — who was from the 44000 block of North Kedzie Avenue — suffered major head injuries. He was pronounced dead at 6:40 am at Resurrection, the medical examiner’s office said.

“This is a tragedy,” Langford said. “Our sympathies go out to his family.”

The fire department and police are still investigating the incident. A preliminary assessment determined that paramedics followed proper treatment protocols.