Brandi Glanville Tumor Surgery Looms, Star Jokes About LeAnn Rimes On Twitter

As Brandi Glanville’s tumor surgery draws nearer — the Real Housewives star and Eddie Cibrian ex is scheduled to get the breast growth excised Wednesday — the star is in good enough spirits to crack a few LeAnn Rimes jokes on Twitter.

Brandi Glanville’s tumor appears to be of the not-cancerous variety, which is good news. But surgical intervention on one’s tatas is never a pleasant prospect, and the former Mrs. Cibrian is keeping a good sense of humor ahead of her planned surgical procedure, busting out a few quips on Twitter about the growth she’s having removed this week.

Glanville’s op is scheduled for December 12, and the reality TV celeb has quipped to fans who follow her on the microblogging site:

“I think I found a name 4 tumor in my booby thats coming out dec 12 starts with an R ends with an online …”

Brandi Glanville’s tumor is, however, not malignant — she reassures fans:

“It’s not the big C, please don’t worry … It’s just some n’lame thats been making me ill.”

While Brandi Glanville’s tumor is causing her stress right now, the Real Housewives star has also taken some time out to address her public ragging on Rimes and ex Eddie Cibrian in the press, telling Us Magazine that her baby daddy isn’t always in touch about the pair’s two boys, forcing her to take the battle public in hopes he will man up and respond:

“My intention has always been to take care of my children and tend to their well-being … Unfortunately, my ex-husband has not been communicative with me in this regard, and so I have needed to seek him out publicly.”

If you want to wish Brandi Glanville well before her tumor surgery, the star can be found on Twitter at @BrandiGlanville.