Pothead Mom Arrested For Endangering Her Four-Month-Old Son By Leaving Him In A Hot Car Showed No Remorse

An Evansville Police Department officer rescued a four-month-old infant from a hot car parked outside of a Walmart in Evansville, Indiana earlier this week. According to the affidavit presented by the police, the baby was reportedly sweating and crying when he was rescued. When the mother of the child was arrested later that day, police found marijuana in her purse. Kelly Decorrevont, 35, is currently being held in Vanderburgh County Jail and is facing charges of child endangerment and possession of marijuana.

According to the affidavit filed by the police, the four-month-old was left in the hot car for over two hours on Monday afternoon, 14 News reports. The affidavit also mentions that the mother of the child “did not seem very remorseful” of what she had done. Kelly Decorrevont has maintained that she had forgotten that her son was in the car. Decorrevont even told the Police that her teenage daughter was to blame for the whole incident, claiming that it was she who put the baby in the car without her realizing. Police say that Decorrevont has admitted to smoking marijuana before the incident.

A bystander noticed the baby locked in the hot car and immediately called the police for help. Video of Officer Hackworth of the EPD, breaking the window of the child and rescuing him was recorded by Doug McGuire. The video can be seen below:

The baby was rescued after having to spend two and a half hours, without food or water, inside the hot car. The child was first taken to Deaconess Hospital and is currently under the custody of Child Protective Services. Police say they were able to identify the mother of the child via surveillance footage. As for Kelly Decorrevont’s other charge, police say they found a burnt cigarette in her purse which tested positive for marijuana. Kelly later admitted to having smoked the joint.

[Image by Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's Office]

Kelly Decorrevont is currently being held in Vanderburgh County Jail. She appeared before court on Tuesday, where her bond was set at $750 cash or $7,500 surety. She will have to appear before court again on Friday, where her official charges will be filed.

[Featured Image by Igor Marusichenko/Shutterstock]