The Royal 3D: The Queen Says Yes, Prince William Said No

For the first time in television broadcasting history, the Queen’s annual Christmas message will be in 3D.

Unlike her grandson Prince William who refused to allow 3D cameras into Westminster Abbey to film his marriage to Kate Middleton to be filmed in 3D last year, the Queen has green lit the move to step into the 21st century this year.

BskyB pre-recorded the sovereign’s speech at Buckingham Palace in 3D format on Friday, but it’s believed the audience for the format itself will be fairly small.

That’s because viewers will need special 3D glasses, a 3D box and a 3D television to watch the Christmas message in the filmed format. The broadcast will be screened by the BBC and ITV channels in the UK.

This will be the Queen’s first foray into 3D broadcasting.

In recent years the Queen has broken with tradition.

In 2007, the Queen’s holiday message was streamed on YouTube for first time and since, and a Twitter account for the monarch was launched in 2009 — but this year will be an unprecedented step into new technology for the House of Windsor.

According to The Independent, the Queen’s Christmas message will not mention anything about Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting their first baby next year. This may perhaps be due to recent tragic events.

However, the Queen is expected to talk about the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics which were successfully hosted by Britain this year.

Only on one previous occasion has the Queen been seen in 3D. In May this year, artist Chris Levine constructed a holographic portrait of Her Majesty which was later projected onto buildings including Kensington Palace and Jersey’s Mont Orgueil Castle.