‘I Am Jazz’ Season 3 Spoilers, What To Expect And When Jazz Jennings Returns

It is almost time for a new season of I Am Jazz on TLC, and now the spoilers are starting to come out about what will go down. In Touch Weekly shared the spoilers that are out already for the third season of the show. Jazz shared on her Instagram page about the show being renewed and how excited she was that it would be back again. She loves sharing her life with the fans.

When Season 2 came to an end, Jazz Jennings had just started dating, and they also found out who the boy was that had been harassing them. The viewers were really hoping that it would come back for another season and they could see how it all turned out for her.

It is almost time for Season 3, and a lot is going on with Jazz this season. The Inquisitr already shared that she is considering getting bottom surgery done. Jazz will have to talk to the doctor and see if they will allow her to do this at her age and how it will all work for her. She shared that she has always dreamed of having the procedure done, but Jazz is just now old enough to check out getting it really done. If she got it done already, they have been able to keep this quiet.

This season, Jazz Jennings will also learn how to drive, which is going to be a fun experience. Another thing that is going on this season is a bit more dating for Jazz, and the fans will get to see how it is going for her.


The Facebook page for I Am Jazz shared that the viewers are going to get a big two-night premiere when the new season starts. It will actually air on both June 28 and June 29, which gives fans a great chance to see how Jazz has been doing since the show last aired.


Are you excited for Season 3 of I am Jazz? Do you think that this season will be great? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss the new episodes of I Am Jazz with Jazz Jennings when they start airing on TLC on June 28.

[Featured Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images]