‘Company of Heroes 2’ Going Into Closed Beta Early Next Year

Company of Heroes 2, the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed RTS games of the past decade, will be entering into closed beta early next year, developer Relic Entertainment revealed in a post on the game’s forums (via PC Gamer).

The news was delivered by Greg Wilson, producer on Company of Heroes 2. Wilson says that the closed beta is expected to start “shortly” after the New Year. Those who pre-order the game will get access to the beta, though Wilson says to stay tuned to the game’s social media pages for more ways to nab beta access.

Looking beyond the beta and well into the launch of Company of Heroes 2, Wilson promised that Relic Entertainment intends to fully support the game after its launch.

“Building on experiences from our previous titles, we’re committed to improving our post launch support efforts, by regularly updating the game. This means lots of bug fixing, balance updates and FREE content, for everyone to enjoy,” Wilson said.

“For those interested in more, we’re now excited to introduce the Command Pass – an opt-in upgrade that offers perks like advanced map access, special event access and other bonuses. It’s free for pre-order customers who purchase the Digital Collector’s Edition and a 1 time cost/lifetime upgrade for anyone that didn’t get in on the pre-order goodness. More detailed information will absolutely be available later.”

Along with the Company of Heroes 2 closed beta news, Relic released a new developer diary detailing some of the game’s new mechanics. You can give it a look for yourself by checking the embed below.