Seth Rich Murderer May Have Been Hitman Or Serial Killer, Report Suggests

A just-released report suggests that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was more likely done in by a "hired killer or serial murder." There may also be surveillance video of the unsolved crime that has not yet surfaced.

In reaching those and other conclusions, The Profiling Project announced the release of an initial 45-page report on the Seth Rich murder this afternoon.

Funded by GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman, The Profiling Project is a nonpartisan, volunteer group comprised of George Washington University forensic psychology graduate students and instructors.

Seth Rich was shot and killed in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, on a Washington, D.C., street corner just about a block from his home.. He did not die at the scene, however. Rich was conscious and breathing when first responders arrived but was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

There has been much speculation as to the actual circumstances surrounding the death of the 27-year-old.

In August of 2016, WikiLeaks' Julian Assange seemed to imply that Seth Rich may have been murdered for his alleged role in leaking the 20,000 DNC emails prior to the Philadelphia convention that nominated Hillary Clinton for president. Authorities indicate that the incident was a random street crime, but none of his personal possessions were taken by the still-unknown assailant.

WikiLeaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information on the case.

Because of the conspiracy theory overtones, most media outlets consider the Seth Rich investigation radioactive. Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity created a firestorm last month by pushing a Seth Rich conspiracy theory but subsequently declared that he would no longer discuss it out of deference to the Rich family.

During today's press conference, Burk mentioned that the D.C. police for whatever reason have yet to release an autopsy, a ballistics report, or even the exact cause of Seth Rich's death. He and/or his group apparently have raised a $300,000 reward for additional information about the crime, but neither the DNC nor the RNC has ponied up any money to date.

"While previous investigations by the public into the Rich murder have cited unverified social media posts and anonymous sources, the report released Tuesday seems to be more credible, given the academic backgrounds of the volunteers," Newsweek explained.

The Rich family was not involved in the preparation of the report or had a chance to review it before it was released into the public domain. A family spokesman added that the public should not take its findings as new or credible or lending support to any conspiracy theories.
Watch The Profiling Project press conference about its initial findings in the probe of the Seth Rich homicide below.
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