‘Days Of Our Lives’ 6/19/17: Tripp Schemes Against Kayla, Islanders Safe, Chad And Gabi Talk Future [Spoilers]

Days of Our Lives 6/19/17 begins with Tripp shadowing Kayla at the hospital. Days of Our Lives viewers know that Tripp is looking for a way to punish Kayla for killing his mother, Ava.

While Tripp is at the hospital, Kayla finds out that she has lost a patient who suffered from diabetes. Tripp realizes that it is up to the doctor to make sure that a patient is taken care of properly. Mistakes are costly and fall on the shoulders of the physician in charge. This information interests Tripp.

Fans of the NBC show Days of Our Lives know Jade is aware of the true events that led up to Ava’s death, including the fact that Joey is the one who murdered her. After shadowing at the hospital, Tripp calls Jade to the town square.

In Days of Our Lives 6/19/17, Jade once again assured Tripp that Kayla was the one who killed Ava. Jade works her way into Tripp’s head to destroy her.

She tells Tripp, “Sometimes, maybe she can fool people into thinking that she cares.” She tells him that if he is ever “fooled” by her, “even for a second, remember how Kayla operates. She pulls you into her web with nice, ease and encouragement but she will pull the rug out from under you in a heartbeat if you don’t fit into her world.”

Those who have been watching the Days storyline with Jade are aware that Kayla cut off Jade’s finances after she was caught lying. Out of spite, Jade wants to help destroy Kayla. A misinformed. Tripp tells Jade that they are going to bring down Kayla slowly but surely. Doing rounds with her was insightful, and Tripp has a plan.

The plan is to change bits and pieces of the medical charts. When a patient dies, the charts are reviewed by other doctors, as well as the hospital board. They will make the other hospital employees begin to doubt Kayla. They will begin slowly, but when they are finished with her, she will look like the “Doctor of Death,” and her career will be over.

In Days of Our Lives episode 6/19/17, Steve has returned from New York and is back in Salem. He happens to be walking through the town square at the moment that Jade and Tripp are discussing their plans to destroy Kayla. It appears that Steve has heard part, if not all, of what Tripp has said.

Meanwhile, on the island, the group of Days characters who have been stranded is busy preparing for a long-term stay. JJ and Lani are taking a walk when they come across Chad and Gabi laying on their blanket, undressed after making love the night before.

JJ assures Lani that the sight of Gabi with Chad didn’t bother him, but he is definitely distraught. Chad and Gabi laugh off the embarrassment of being caught half naked.

The jungle madness story continues this week on Days of Our Lives. Paul begs not to be released from the rope ties and asks Sonny to kill him rather than let him hurt anyone else. Paul asks him to promise, but Sonny refuses.

Paul then turns to Eli and asks the same of him. Eli agrees, which angers Sonny. They are in the midst of a heated argument about it when John and Marlena appear on site to rescue the group. Everyone is so distracted that they do not notice Paul freeing himself from his ties.

Paul jumps Eli, attempting to take his gun. The two wrestle over the loaded weapon and, with John’s help, Eli can get the gun safely away from Paul. Marlena sedates Paul but claims he needs to get to a hospital for an antidote immediately. John sets off to let everyone back in Salem know that they found the missing group and are bringing them home.

Fans of Days of Our Lives know that the group’s bad luck stemmed from a cursed amulet that Chad flew to Greece to retrieve. Before leaving the island, Chad and Gabi bury the amulet in the island sand.

Sonny, hiding behind the bushes, sees what is going on. He also hears that the amulet is worth a fortune. Days of Our Lives 6/19/17 leaves off with Sonny standing over the amulet.

Days fans, do you think Sonny will dig up the amulet before leaving the island and take possession of the curse?

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