Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Share Their Baby Plans, And They Might Surprise Some Fans

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo finally talked about their baby plans on the latest episode of Counting On. Fans have been speculating that Jinger is pregnant for months now, but they shouldn’t hold their breaths waiting on a baby announcement.

As People reports, last night’s episode of Counting On checked in with Jinger Duggar, 23, and Jeremy Vuolo, 29, as they continue to adjust to life as husband and wife in Laredo, Texas. One of the Counting On producers asked the newlyweds what they think their life will look like in a year, and Jeremy revealed that a baby is not a part of their plans for the near future.

“Where we see ourselves in a year is probably just settled down, still doing ministry here in Laredo, and just seeking to serve the Lord however we can,” Jeremy said.

As In Touch Weekly reports, Duggar fans first thought they spotted Jinger sporting a baby bump back in March, and the pregnancy speculation hasn’t stopped since then. Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar both announced that they were pregnant before they had been married for six months, so fans likely expected Jinger to do the same. This is why they automatically assume that she’s trying to hide a baby bump each time she’s photographed wearing baggy items of clothing.

While Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo may practice some form of birth control during the first year of marriage, they do eventually plan on starting a family. A Counting On producer also quizzed Jeremy on what he wants his life to look like in five years, and he said that he and his wife would love to have a little one before they’ve spent half a decade as a married couple.

“I think we’d love to start a family somewhere in that time period, in the next five years, and see what the Lord does.”

If anyone can make the newlyweds start feeling broody before they celebrate their first anniversary, it’s Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s adorable son, Spurgeon. He experienced his first birthday party on last night’s episode of Counting On, and Jinger and Jeremy couldn’t make it to Arkansas to mark the big milestone with him. However, they did get to say hi to the little guy via video chat.

“He is so cute,” Jinger said of the birthday boy, who was chewing on a blue ball while his mom and his aunt talked about his party.

Jessa and Jinger are really close, so it’s been hard for the Duggar siblings to adjust to living so far apart. However, Jessa said that she wasn’t so sure that Jinger was missing her as much as she was missing her younger sister.

“I don’t know if it’s hit her yet that, ‘Oh my goodness! I’m 12 hours from home. I really miss everybody.’ Right now she’s just, ‘Oh, newlywed!’ Everything’s peachy,” Jessa said.

Jessa Duggar found it especially hard to celebrate a big family event without her “partner in crime.”

“It’s just so strange to not have her around. This is the first big family get together, birthday party that she’s not here for,” Jessa said. “It kind of really hits you at this point, like, wow. She’s gone. She’s abandoned us!”

While video chatting with Jinger and Jeremy, Jessa asked the couple if they had any pregnancy news to share, and Jeremy let her know that his wife definitely wasn’t expecting at the time the episode was filmed.

Before she starts eating for two, Jinger Duggar needs to get used to cooking for two. She told the Counting On cameras that shopping is difficult for her now that she’s married because she spent so much of her young life buying food for more than a dozen people. According to Jinger, it feels “weird” to only buy one apple instead of purchasing a whole bag of them.

During next Monday’s episode of Counting On, Joy-Anna and Jill Duggar will get their turns to grill Jinger Duggar about her pregnancy plans.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]