Roman Reigns WWE Announcement Officially Made On ‘Raw’ But Braun Strowman Isn’t Finished Yet

Last week, Roman Reigns said that he was going to make a huge SummerSlam announcement this week on WWE Monday Night Raw. Roman didn’t take any time at all to follow through with that announcement when he came out to open this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and made the proclamation.

The Roman Reigns announcement was simply that he said no one could beat him in single’s action – ignoring losses by men like Finn Balor and Braun Strowman – and declaring himself the No. 1 contender to the WWE Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns said that he will fight the winner of the main event of Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view between Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe at SummerSlam. After saying that, he asked the obvious question of what gives him the right to say that and then just said that it is because this is his yard.

That brought out Samoa Joe, who was angry that Roman Reigns simply called him “Joe” and mentioned that Roman had never beaten him in single’s action in the WWE before. Reigns, who is also a Samoan, said that he agrees with Paul Heyman and that Joe is “Just Joe” because he won’t call him Samoa Joe.

After disrespecting Samoa Joe like that, Joe headbutted Roman Reigns and the two began to fight. Joe dominated most of the fight, but Roman hit his Superman Punch to get the advantage. After that, a match was made on WWE Monday Night Raw between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns.

Before that even took place, it was interesting to see Roman Reigns, who is supposed to be a face, saying he deserved the WWE Universal title shot over everyone including Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Braun Strowman – just because he wanted it. However, the fact that he ignored competing for a WWE Universal Championship title shot because of what would happen later on Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns WWE Announcement Officially Made On 'Raw' To Set Up Braun Strowman Return
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Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe put on a great match against each other, taking each other’s best shots and coming back for more. It wasn’t even the main event on Monday Night Raw, which was a clue right there. That is when an ambulance showed up, Braun Strowman walked out of the back, and the distraction allowed Samoa Joe to lock in the Coquina Clutch for the win.

Roman Reigns WWE Announcement Officially Made On 'Raw' To Set Up Braun Strowman Return
[Image by WWE]

This was the start of Braun Strowman’s monster push since he is returning earlier than the six months he was expected to be out for. Strowman said he isn’t finished with Roman and slammed him down. Now, Roman Reigns will have to face the last man to beat him, Braun Strowman, at Great Balls of Fire in an Ambulance Match and the No. 1 contender spot and ownership of “the yard” will be up for grabs.

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