James Taylor As Lincoln? Singer Was Almost Cast In Steven Spielberg’s Film

Could James Taylor have been cast as Lincoln? The recently released historical drama from Steven Spielberg could have went that way, as the folk singer was reportedly in consideration for the lead role before it was given to Daniel Day Lewis.

James Taylor said he doesn’t see himself as Lincoln, though one of the key players in the film still pitched the role of the US President to director Steven Spielberg, Reuters reported.

Speaking to a packed audience at the National Press Club on Friday, Taylor said that he had renowned musician John Williams in his corner. A winner of many Oscars, Williams composed the soundtrack for Lincoln and tried to put a good word in for Taylor with Spielberg.

“John wanted me to play that part. He actually stood up for me there and suggested me at one point,” said Taylor, adding, “It was never going to happen.”

There are a few reasons why James Taylor wouldn’t have worked as Lincoln. First, the 64-year-old singer/songwriter has no acting experience. And other than being “tall and somewhat skinny,” Taylor didn’t bear much resemblance to the former president.

“He doesn’t look like me to me, but I live in here, so I’m apt to notice the difference,” Taylor said.

Taylor hasn’t been far from politics, however. He and his third wife, Kim Taylor, campaigned for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, and Taylor performed at the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree.

It was probably a good call that filmmakers didn’t cast James Taylor as Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis, who has already won two Oscars, is believed to be in line for another one for his performance in Lincoln. Not bad for a role that Day-Lewis actually turned down at first, Yahoo! Movies reported.