Indian Reservation Shooting Leaves Three Dead In California

Porterville, CA — As Indian reservation shooting has left three people dead and three wounded. The shooting took place at the Tule River Indian Researvation in California on Sunday.

Two of those wounded were the daughters of the suspect, Hector Celaya, who lived on the Indian reservation in central California, reports Yahoo! News.

Celaya fled the scene of the shooting, along with his daughters, and was shot during the course of a low-speed chase as authorities attempted to take him into custody. Both girls, ages 5 and 8, also suffered gunshot wounds.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department stated, “During the preliminary investigation, detectives learned the suspect had shot the children.” At the time of their statement, Celaya and one of the girls were being treated for life-threatening injuries related to the Indian reservation shooting.

ABC Local notes that Hector Celaya has since passed away from his injuries sustained during the shooting. Sheriff’s Sergeant Cheis Douglas confirmed the suspect’s death, but did not disclose additional details.

Tulare County sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call about the Indian reservation shooting around 8 pm on Saturday. They arrived at a trailer on the Tule Indian Reservation and found the bodies of two men and one woman, along with a wounded boy whose age and condition are not known.

Deputies were able to track the suspect down using his cellphone and pulled him over in a rural area near Lindsey around 2 am. Celaya fired his weapon at police, prompting them to shoot back. Celaya is “known to law enforcement,” according to Douglass, though he did not elaborate.

The motive for the Indian reservation shooting is not known. Authorities are also not sure why the suspect, Hector Celaya, would shoot his daughters.