Rare Coin Found Inside Salvation Army Kettle

Lehigh Acres, FL – A rare gold coin worth $1,700 has been found inside a Salvation Army kettle, according to UPI.

Charity officials aren’t sure who donated the expensive coin. However, this is the eighth time in as many years that an anonymous individual has contributed such a pricey item to the iconic red kettle.

According to The Republic, Salvation Army official Sarah Clark said the rare coin was wrapped in a note which read “In loving memory of Mimi.”

“We would love to know who it is,” Clark explained. “If the person would ever want to contact us and sit down, I’m sure we’d love to hear stories about Mimi. We all feel like we know her.”

Although they don’t know the gentleman by name, one of the volunteers managed to get a good look at the anonymous individual this year. Sherman Scott was working the kettle outside of an area Walmart when the man with the coin dropped off this year’s donation.

“I can recall a guy. I thought it was a check he was putting into my bucket,” Scott said, adding that the donor in question as “white male, in his 40s, 5’7-5’8, red hair.”

As for the coin itself, officials explained it is dated 1907 and carries a value of $1,700. Although Clark isn’t sure all of the coins are coming from the same guy, she seems to think they all originated from one person.

The Times-News explains that, while he wishes to remain anonymous, the donor calls the Salvation Army every year to make sure the gift found its way into the right hands.

“Did you get anything interesting in your kettle?” the man asks.

While Clark is curious to learn the identity of the anonymous donor, chances are he may wish to remain unnamed.

What do you think about the unidentified man who donates rare coins to the Salvation Army?