Eighty-Four Great Danes Rescued From Nightmare Puppy Mill Mansion

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Police and animal rights groups rescued 84 Great Danes from harrowing conditions inside a mansion that had been transformed into a puppy mill.

The dogs ranged in age from puppies that were just a few weeks old, to adult dogs and elderly animals. Great Danes are among the largest dog breeds and rescuers said that some of the fully grown dogs were over 200 pounds and over five-feet tall. While some of the dogs had free range of the house, others were kept in cages. Rescuers described the conditions as “deplorable” and “horrifying” with feces and rotting food covering the floor and walls of the mansion. The mansion had once been appraised for tax purposes at $1.45 million. Photos from inside the mansion show a home now filled with filth and squalor.

The Humane Society is accepting donations for the care of the Great Danes, many of which showed signs of infections and health issues after being rescued. Their harrowing video shows rooms filled with dogs living in unsanitary, prison-like conditions.

Sadly, the Great Danes will not be up for adoption for a while. Since they are considered evidence in an animal cruelty case, they will be unable to get new homes until the trial is over. This is especially bad news for the puppies, who, without foster or permanent families, will miss out on important developmental milestones necessary to help them bond with people.

Great Danes are large dogs, taller than some people. [Images by Beatrice Larco/AP Images]Featured image credit: Beatrice LarcoAP Images

The owner, Christina Fay, 60, has been arrested on two misdemeanor counts of neglect. She sold the pets for as much as $2,500 through her kennel, De La Song Monde. The deceptive website showed the dogs playing outside or in clean areas, when in fact they were kept in neglectful conditions.

The local director of the Humane Society said that she had never seen such horrible conditions, and it was a sharp contrast to see them inside what was once an upscale mansion.

“It was horrifying in and of itself, but I’ve never seen conditions like this in a house of that magnitude.”

Great Danes rescued.
Great Danes make gentle pets. [Image by Roland Weihrauch/AP Images]Featured image credit: Roland WeihrauchAP Images

Great Danes are the 14th most popular dog breed, according to the AKC registration, and are considered good family pets because of their dependable and friendly natures. Despite their imposing size, they are not naturally aggressive and are described as “patient.” They also don’t require as much exercise as some would expect, because their large bodies are cumbersome and make strenuous exercise difficult. They are a surprisingly easy-going breed.

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