Google Pixel 2 Concept Shows Bezel-less Screen, Takes Inspiration From The LG G6

The new set of Google Pixel 2 is arriving soon and lately, all kinds of rumors and leaks about its specs have started emerging. However, there are not just enough hints about its design. Leaks about the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8’s design are aplenty. By now, industry observers have a general idea of what they are going to look like, but Pixel phones are still a mystery.

Recently, a set of Google Pixel 2 renders reported by AndroidHeadlines cropped up online, showcasing a sleek bezel-less display unhindered by a physical home button. The top leaves sufficient room for the front-facing camera and the sensors but still looks thin enough to be overlooked. There are a couple of changes at the back: the glass area has shrunk to half its original size and it now sports a dual-camera set-up.

In light of the rumor saying that at least one of the Google Pixel 2 handsets are going to be manufactured by LG, while the rest are presumably from HTC, a fan made a concept of how the Android phones might look like. Taking design cues from LG’s own flagship, the LG G6, and the new competitor in the Android scene, the Essential PH-1 phone, the creator came up with the images below.

As you can see, the form factor and the rounded corners of the screen are taken from the LG G6. The cameras, which were tiny on the original Pixel, are similar to the LG flagship in size. Likewise, they are arranged also arranged horizontally, but instead of the flash going in between them, as it is on the G6, it is now positioned on either side of the camera. The fingerprint scanner is placed below the set-up.

The only differences that the renders have with the G6 are the antenna line at the bottom and the bottom bezel, which is thicker on the LG smartphone because it has to accommodate the company’s logo. Google’s logo is at the back, as it is on the Pixel.

Nonetheless, the photos are just a fan-made concept. Google is keeping any detail about the Pixel 2’s design under wraps, so fans have no idea what it might look like. Will it still look like the first Pixel phones? Or will it undergo a major overhaul? No one knows for sure.

Google Pixel 2 design is still a mystery

What is currently circulating is that the 5.6-inch display of the larger Pixel 2 will have an 18:9 aspect ratio, Forbes reported. The handset appeared on the benchmark website GFXBench with the name “Pixel XL2,” so this might be the one codenamed Taimen.

[Featured Image by Ramin Talaie/Getty Images]