Meet The Real Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot’s Stunt Double

DC’s Wonder Woman was played by more than one beautiful woman: There is, of course, the gorgeous Gal Gadot, who oozes fierce yet feminine charm. There is also her equally stunning stunt double, Caitlin Dechelle.

The 26-year-old stunt artist from Miami, Florida, played Gadot’s body double while filming the backbreaking action scenes, which were shot with lethal precision.

Dechelle, a huge fan of DC Comics, has been following Wonder Woman for a long time. “I definitely knew about Wonder Woman and heard the buzz about it being remade and I was so excited. Of course, I started following it a lot more when I knew I was going to be working on the project,” she said.

Sharing her behind-the-scenes interaction with the Wonder Woman actress, Dechelle said that Gadot was effortlessly good looking, sweet, and hardworking. She also added that Gadot was easy to work with and pulled off the acrobatic maneuvers with finesse. Lauding the actress, she said Gadot worked very hard to perfect the action scenes.

Gadot, who used to serve in the Israeli military, was no stranger to martial arts and had undergone rigorous combat training herself. This made it easier for Dechelle to work her.

“Working with Gal was a pleasure. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also sweet and worked so hard when it came to our fight scenes. Definitely made my job easier!” she said.

Dechelle thoroughly enjoyed filming Wonder Woman. She said the entire process was an incredible experience. The team shot six months in London and two months in Italy.

“The cast and crew were all very talented and it made the job that much more fun! So glad the movie is finally out and everyone is loving it as much as we did while making it,” she said.

caitlin dechelle stunt double for Wonder Woman

Doling out her diet plan, Dechelle said she believes in healthy eating. “Salmon and kale have been my latest obsession. But I also have a sweet tooth,” she said.

Besides Wonder Woman, Dechelle also played the stunt double in movies like Fast and Furious 7, Supah Ninjas, Bones, Agents of Shield, John Carter & Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters. Her short film The Raid 2: Betrayal Hammer Girl Fight quickly went viral. She played The Geneticist on MTV’s Teen Wolf. She just finished filming Asura.

Shedding light on her career ambitions, Dechelle said she would like to play a lead role in an action movie.

“That is my dream. I’d love to be an action actress and do my own stunts,” she said.

Martial arts is male-dominated, she admits. “But us women can hold our own. I hold titles on the circuit I competed on (NASKA) that some of the men don’t even have,” she said.

Dechelle began her martial arts training when she was 6-years-old and started competing when she was 9. She enjoyed the excitement of competing and continuously perfected her skills. She joined the Paul Mitchell karate team and went on to earn 88 NASKA World Titles. Competing provided her the opportunity to travel the world. Retiring from the competition circuit at 23, she is now pursuing her dream as an actress.

[Featured Image by Caitlin Dechelle]