More Than 80 Great Dane Dogs Rescued From A Filthy $1.45 Mansion, Home Covered In Feces And Rotten Food

Police and animal rights groups have rescued 84 Great Dane dogs from horrific conditions at a New Hampshire mansion turned puppy mill, Daily Mail reported.

Christina Fay, 60, was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of neglect after law enforcement raided her residence and found the canines living in "horrifying" conditions.

The police revealed that the home, which is worth $1.45 million, was covered in animal waste. They found feces on the walls, floors, and all over the furniture. Also, they found raw, rotten chicken throughout the home.

There was no water or food available for the dogs, other than the rotten chicken that Kay left for the dogs. The Great Dane dogs slipped as they tried to walk --the floor had layers upon layers of urine. Some of the dogs were able to roam freely throughout the house, but many of them were kept in dirty cages.

Lindsay Hamrick, New Hampshire state director for the Humane Society of the United States, revealed that she had never seen this type of neglect and abuse in a house of that magnitude.

The owner, Fay, reportedly advertised the puppies for $2,500 a piece under the name of De La Sang Monde.

The Facebook page shows the dogs in open grounds and clean areas of the house. It was not the conditions law enforcement witnessed when checking on the Great Danes.

Great Danes, Animal cruelty
New Hampshire woman charged with two counts of animal neglect. [Image by The Humane Society Of The United States]

Wolfeboro Police Officer, Michael Straugh said that it was difficult to find the right words to describe the condition they found these dogs in. He went on to say that no animal should even be kept in that environment.

The dogs' ages ranged from a few weeks old to adult. They have all been seized and are under the treatment of a veterinarian. Many of the dogs had skin and eye infections and were underweight.

Many of the adult dogs were over 5ft tall and weighed over 250 pounds.

Great Dane, animal neglect
Christina Fay will be arraigned in August. Until her case is over, none of the dogs will be available for adoption. [Image by The Humane Society Of The United States]

The dogs will not be available for adoption until the case against the owner, Christina Fay, is over. She will be arraigned on August 3 at the Ossipee Circuit Court.

The Humane Society shared that they will need donations to care for so many dogs. They aren't sure how long they will have to care for the animals as they are a subject of a criminal investigation and cannot be placed in homes until the case is over.

Great Dane, animal cruelty
The dogs' cages had no food or water out for the animals and had layers of urine and feces on the floor. [Image by The Humane Society Of The United States]

The story is still developing. The Inquisitr will update when more information becomes available.

[Featured Image by Roger Costa Morera/ Shutterstock]