Kendall Jenner Tags Travis Scott On Instagram After Poolside Photo Debate

It seems Kendall Jenner has finally had enough of people speculating on who appears in her recent poolside photo. The model went back to her June 8 Instagram post and tagged Travis Scott as the man with a towel covering his face in the pool.

Kendall captioned the post with only a fire emoji and did not originally tag anyone in the photo. However, that seems to have changed at some point over the past few days. Refinery29 reported on the addition of a tag as many fans believed the man to be Jenner's rumored boyfriend, ASAP Rocky.

It now appears to be Kylie Jenner's rumored boyfriend instead. Kendall's followers quickly caught on to the minor edit as they commented on the post.

The mysterious photo has received over 2.6 million likes since being posted almost two weeks ago, and it seems people are not quite done discussing it. In fact, Jenner's new tag of Travis Scott only adds fuel to the fire as fans speculate about her reasons for the edit.

Refinery29 states it may not even be Travis in the photo, but only Kendall playing with people.

"First, that might not even be Travis Scott in the pool."
The site also talks about how Kylie isn't pictured, which makes things a bit awkward. It may imply the Jenner sisters are both friends with Travis despite Kylie being spotted getting cozy with the 25-year-old rapper.
"Second, if it is Scott, that doesn't really mean anything given that Kylie's not even in the picture."
Lastly, Refinery29 states Kendall may have accidentally tagged Travis Scott as Instagram makes suggestions.
"It could have even been a mistake. Like when Instagram suggests you tag that picture of a cheeseburger as your BFF."
However, it does seem too much of a coincidence for it to be an accident on Jenner's part. Following the poolside controversy, the 21-year-old model posted a seductive photo to her Instagram account, which she captioned with a purple devil emoji.
Is this Kendall's way of telling her followers she's playing games with people? After all, the Kardashian-Jenner family is known for playing pranks on one another, so why not on overly assuming fans?

Alternatively, maybe the tag was Kendall's way of confirming she approves of Kylie's relationship with Travis Scott, which is said to be getting serious. Us Weekly reported on matching tattoos Kylie and Travis got earlier this week as they both took to Snapchat to show off the new ink.

The site claims the Kardashian-Jenner crew likes Travis, and Kendall has been friends with him for years as well.

"Kendall has also been friends with him for years."
Perhaps it really is Travis in Kendall's photo and not ASAP Rocky, after all.

[Featured Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]