‘Big Brother 19’ News: Casting Director Robyn Kass Promises Answers To ‘BB19’ Cast Questions

Big Brother 19 news from Sunday (June 18) includes an intriguing post by casting director Robyn Kass. The BB19 cast members are going to be revealed during a Monday (June 19) presentation on the live feeds. It is that “reveal” that Kass was addressing in a post she made to Twitter on Sunday.

“So many questions will be answered in less than 24hrs! #BB19 cast reveal!”

Among the questions that fans have had is whether the BB19 cast will include returning houseguests or familiar celebrities. There have been suggestions on social media that a past cast member of Survivor, as well as someone who was on a soap opera, could be joining the cast. There has also been chatter about someone coming over from Big Brother: Over The Top to make their television debut.

This follows up a post that Robyn Kass made on Saturday (June 17), where she asked why there haven’t been many creative Big Brother 19 rumors. It appeared that she was poking fun at some of the claims people were making on Twitter, including some fake leaked cast lists that had stated there would be 16 returning houseguests from past seasons. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, former houseguest Amanda Zuckerman, who appeared on several of those potential Big Brother cast lists, gave an indication that she wouldn’t be on the show this summer.

There hasn’t been a lot of Big Brother 19 news, but what is known is that the live feeds will present a lot of that information on Monday. Former houseguest Jeff Schroeder is going to be introducing people from the BB19 cast at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET, giving fans a first real look at who will be in the house this summer. It may also be the time when producers reveal what the theme will be and if there are any Big Brother 19 twists for fans to anticipate this season.

The Big Brother 19 season premiere is a two-hour event on June 28, which will serve as an introduction of the BB19 cast to the CBS audience. It’s unclear what will be covered in that first episode, but it will likely include the houseguests entering the game, footage of the first Head of Household competition, and possibly even the first nomination ceremony. It’s going to be a busy night, which means that some of the information could come out during the second episode, which airs on Thursday night (June 29).

Fans have been waiting a long time to learn information about the upcoming season, which has meant quite a few Big Brother rumors are floating around on social media. If the Monday reveal of the BB19 cast is similar to what took place with Big Brother 18, producers may hold back a few names who will enter the house in a surprise fashion. That’s how they brought back James Huling, Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel, and Frank Eudy as part of the BB18 cast.

Robyn Kass made a perfect post regarding creating additional buzz for the show, and now fans want even more Big Brother 19 news.

[Featured Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]