Caitlyn Jenner Makes Disturbing Joke About Recent Congressional Shooting, Says Liberals Can’t Shoot Straight

Four days ago, James Thomas Hodgkinson opened fire on a Republican Congressional baseball game practice in Alexandria, Virginia, and already Caitlyn Jenner has made an incredibly insensitive remark about the event. Moreover, her joke couldn’t have come at a worse time, since those who were shot are still in the ICU recovering from their wounds.

Caitlyn Jenner, despite her transgender status, is controversially a Republican. She declared that she voted for Trump, though she was upset with the fact that he did not protect the rights of the LGBTQ population as she felt he had initially promised to do.

Speaking at a College Republican group in Virginia, Caitlyn Jenner made her ridiculous comments. She started out all right, but then the speech devolved into some seriously insensitive territory.

“Nobody deserves what happened out there. There’s no justification. There are crazy people. We have to minimize that type of stuff. As far as the people that were injured, it’s an absolute shame. You just want them to recover.”

Then she went in for the comment that really ruffled feathers.

“Fortunately the guy was a really bad shot… liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

People took issue with her statement for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, it was really bad timing of Caitlyn Jenner, since the shooting only happened a few days ago, and as many would argue, far too soon to make jokes. It was also controversial because the shooting appeared to have occurred because of the serious bipartisan issues we face in the United States, which have been shown to seriously divide the country. It is partly this severe divide that motivated the shooter to act in the first place, and now Caitlyn Jenner is seemingly playing into it instead of trying to find a way for the two parties to find common ground.

Caitlyn Jenner has also been facing backlash for her book, The Secrets of My Life with her famous Kardashian family. Her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, has been incredibly vocal about the fact that the book trashes her in ways that she doesn’t appreciate it and that she doesn’t feel Caitlyn’s versions of events are an accurate description of their life together.

Kris also feels that Caitlyn Jenner divulged way too much information about their sex life and claimed that Kris knew all along about the fact that Caitlyn was struggling with gender identity issues, which Kris claims is not the case at all.

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