'Little People, Big World' Shocker: Did Matt Roloff Move Off Roloff Farms?

Even the most casual fan of Little People, Big World knows that Matt Roloff loves his farm. For more than a decade, viewers have watched him obsessively oversee the management of the family pumpkin patch and build a wide range of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

But on Saturday, June 17, Matt posted a photo of his new home on Facebook, and to the shock of his followers, it doesn't appear to be located on his beloved Roloff Farms.

In the post, Matt said he was getting the roof replaced on his new house, which led to some unexpected problems last week.

"Started the week off fine," he wrote, "then got the most scared and afraid I've been in a long time... the roofer on my new house said after tearing off all the tiles, 'the plywood need[s] replacing.' Problem is a big spring rain storm is due in later in the week."

Apparently, Matt Roloff had to bite his nails for 12 hours while the roofers "scrambled against time" to get the new plywood and paper in place ahead of the storm, which they miraculously did, leaving Matt thrilled.

"I'm the most blessed man In the world!!!

But while Matt was concerned about his new roof, Little People, Big World fans were more concerned that -- given the curb shown in the photo and other factors -- Matt's new house appears to be in a residential neighborhood, and not on Roloff Farms.

"We are all confused," wrote one concerned LPBW fan. "Please set us straight. We need to know what's going on."

"Wow, I'm very shocked [by] what I have read," wrote another. "Matt, I hope you aren't moving off the farm. You deserve the farm you put alot [sic] of work into the farm."

This season's Little People, Big World episodes have shown Matt and ex-wife Amy Roloff having many disputes about their housing situation on the farm now that they've split up. As part of the divorce agreement, Matt gave Amy the "big house" on the farm that they spent years remodeling to meet their needs as little people. Meanwhile, Matt moved into a double-wide prefab home also located on the farm.

While Matt and Amy's close living arrangement makes it easier to manage Roloff Farms together, it has led to some awkward moments on the show, as each of them have started dating new people.

In recent LPBW episodes, Matt Roloff has tried to talk Amy into helping him fund the construction of a new farmhouse for him that has the same little people-friendly features her house has, but Amy thinks he should foot the bill alone. He's also floated the idea of eventually building a housing compound on the farm, so his twin sons Zach and Jeremy can raise their growing families on the family property.

Which is why the photo of Matt's new house is so puzzling to Little People, Big World fans. Has Matt given up on his plans and moved off Roloff Farms for some privacy? Is his new home just a property to flip, as some fans have suggested? Or does he have something else up his sleeve?

Only Matt Roloff knows, and, so far, he's not clarifying the situation.

"He's not telling us guys," a fan wrote. "We hafta watch TLC. Good move Matt!!!

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Featured Image by Matt Roloff/Facebook]