June 18, 2017
'BB19' Rumors: Evictees To Get Second Chance Again During Summer 2017 Season?

BB19 rumors are stating that evicted houseguests will get a second chance at the game. The Big Brother 19 cast could have a competition similar to what allowed Victor Arroyo to return to the house several times during Big Brother 18. This latest information should come with a grain of salt, as it is mostly provided by one Twitter account that has been posting a lot of BB19 rumors this spring. It has become noteworthy, though, as it is starting to agree with many other posts that have been made to social media lately.

The latest Big Brother 19 twist that is getting advertised is how the new cast could be doing something that has become very familiar to Survivor fans. After the second houseguest gets evicted from the game this summer, a new competition will come around that is very similar to Redemption Island on Survivor. The way it works is that the two evicted houseguests will battle in a competition, with the winner staying alive for a second chance to get back in the game. The loser would be immediately sent home.

Similar to how Battle of the Block has been done on Big Brother, these competitions will be shown to viewers each week. It could add an extra element of fun to the weekly episodes, presumably with these evicted houseguests competing during the Sunday episodes.

While these BB19 rumors have not been confirmed, they are, at the same time, very believable in how it could work on the show. Producers will likely want to add a new competition to take the place of Road Kill from Big Brother 18, but still showcase something that will help breed excitement among fans. Allowing evicted houseguests an opportunity to get back in the game could keep viewers interested in watching, even after their favorite houseguest has been sent packing. It could get even more exciting if nobody knows it is going to happen.As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are a lot of potential Big Brother 19 spoilers floating around social media. They include suggestions of certain houseguests already getting sequestered, hints that "familiar faces" will be in the BB19 cast, and that there could even be a few people from Big Brother: Over The Top joining this season. Most of those answers will become official on Monday (June 19), when CBS will be revealing the Big Brother 19 cast members. Until then, fans should expect a lot more BB19 rumors as the hours tick down to that big reveal.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]