'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Sequestered 'BB19' Cast Members Partially Revealed?

Big Brother 19 spoilers may now include the names of some sequestered BB19 cast members. There is a lot of buzz on Twitter at the moment, with several accounts claiming that they have inside information about who some of the BB19 cast members are going to be this summer. Even fan site Hamsterwatch is in on the act, posting the initials of four possible houseguests.

"nobody's confirmed til Monday AM & *reliable* rumors are scarce, but it's possible AE, RW, JD, HH are tucked into SoCal hotels tonight.[sic]"
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, casting director Robyn Kass has refuted several past Big Brother 19 spoilers that were posted on social media, but she hasn't stated anything about the latest purported BB19 cast list. Now fans are scrambling to figure out what the initials mean, with a lot of current theories about who might have already been sequestered.

One piece of information seems to remain common among all the Big Brother 19 rumors getting posted and it is a belief that none of those four people is a returning houseguest. There have been thoughts that the network would cast "familiar faces" for people to root for in a form of stunt casting this summer. It could mean former Survivor contestants or soap opera stars are in the mix.

Some of the names which could correlate to the initials or who have been mentioned on social media are Justin Duncan, Hunter Hobbs, Raven Walton, and Alex Willett. Alex from Big Brother: Over The Top keeps getting mentioned on Twitter, but her initials would be AW and not the AE that keeps getting discussed. One fan even mentioned that she could have gotten married since her appearance on BBOTT (though unlikely).A key takeaway from all this information is that nothing has been confirmed by CBS or producers of the show. While the entire BB19 cast may already be sequestered in hotels to make sure that no information gets out, it's possible that none of their names have been leaked yet. Following the BB19 hashtag on Twitter Saturday evening (June 17) could reveal more information, but this latest batch of Big Brother 19 spoilers may need to be taken with several grains of salt, as fans are just getting very anxious that there are less than 36 hours until the official cast announcement on the live feeds.

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