Big Show Reveals That He Absolutely Hates TV Tapings: ‘I Just Wanna Bash Myself In The Head With A Hammer’

It is extremely possible that this could be the last year that fans will ever get to see Big Show in the ring, but if he does retire, he certainly won’t miss one part of the wrestling world. The longtime veteran and former world champion is not going to hold anything back at this stage in his life and in his career which is why some of the things he says are so humorous. Most recently, he even admitted that the things he hates most about WWE are the TV tapings.

For close to 20 years, Big Show has towered above the competition in WWE and he has learned the ins and outs of the company. While fans may think that the most interesting and enjoyable parts of the week are watching Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live each week, Big Show actually can’t stand them.

The giant was a recent guest on Talk is Jericho where he discussed a number of topics with Chris Jericho, and when TV tapings came up, he didn’t sugarcoat it.

“TVs I just wanna bash myself in the head with a hammer…they’re just long, useless, time-wasting, bulls**t days where you sit around all day for some friggin idea that absolutely sucks.”

Big Show said that he actually loves the “Friday, Saturday, Sunday live event shows.” Those house shows are not televised and he prefers them far more than Mondays or Tuesdays and taping Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live.

wwe news big show hates tv tapings monday night raw smackdown live
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From there, Big Show wasn’t nearly done shooting on WWE and the TVs as he just doesn’t care for the way things are going right now.

“Debating it for hours, 17,000 different inputs, you know, one or two guys laced their wrestling boots up in their life and they’re talking, and the other ones have never laced up a pair and don’t know s***, but for some reason they’re telling you what to do. So, you’re just walking around baffled, going ‘why are we doing this?'”

Right now, Big Show is involved in a very strange angle with Enzo Amore and Big Cass where there is the mystery involving them being attacked each week on Raw. Before that, Show has been building up a year-long feud for a match against Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania 33, but it never ended up becoming a reality.

wwe news big show hates tv tapings monday night raw smackdown live
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When all was said and done, there was reportedly an issue with money, but Shaq puts all the blame on WWE for not letting him know what was going on.

For now, Big Show is going to have to continue dealing with TV tapings in WWE as he is a part of the Monday Night Raw brand, and they’re not ending anytime soon. For as long as the giant is a part of the roster and still an in-ring competitor, it’s just the part of the job he will have to endure. While he may be happy when the day comes he doesn’t have to do them anymore, fans are going to hate to see him go.

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