Donald J. Trump’s Tweets Have Become So Monumental, There’s Now An Exclusive Library For Them

There is no doubt that politicians and celebrities have increased their level of public interest as a result of Donald Trump’s tweets. In fact, Trump expresses so much emotion within 140 characters that it could now be used against him with the recent COVFEFE Act established. Now, even the deleted tweets are on the record, so anything that Trump decides to post off the cuff may no longer be the best idea.

In fact, those close to him may want to appoint a team to make sure that his tweets are as presidential and decorum-heavy as possible. One thing, however, that cannot be deleted are his floods of controversial tweets that he has posted just throughout his time on Twitter, and now a special library has been dedicated exclusively to these social media expressions.

One person who has benefited extremely from Donald Trump’s inability to maintain composure at times is the Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Along with the Daily Show maintaining a significant level of interest due to Noah constantly having material associated with Trump, Noah recently earned the accomplishment of having the highest-rated episode in the history of his tenure in mid-May, after the dealings with James Comey began to materialize.

Now, his material has ascended even higher.

Comedy Central sent out a press release unveiling the “Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library,” open to the public from June 16-18. Noah also went in detail about it on a recent Daily Show episode. The Trump library even has a separate Twitter account, which has been active since March, and has over 5,000 followers.

The library is an actual location that is just moments away from Trump tower in Manhattan, New York. Some of the attractions that are in the library include the “Commander-in-Tweet,” in which attendees will have the opportunity to compose a tweet upon a golden toilet installed in the Oval Office; “Sad! A retrospective,” which provides a history of people and places that Trump deemed “sad”; and “Twistory in the Making,” which presents a broad timeline of Trump’s tweets.

Although this attraction is only open for a weekend, many people are making sure to set aside a part of their day to experience the controversial, but oftentimes comical, social media “thumbprint” of Donald J. Trump. While this may not please the president, it is surely giving citizens and tourists of New York a captivating exhibit to enjoy.

[Featured Image by AP Images]