California Parents Heartbroken After Their 3-Year-Old Dies While Getting A Routine Dental Procedure

Parents of a 3-year-old little girl are looking for answers after their healthy daughter, Daleyza Avila Hernandez, died after a routine dental procedure, Fox News reports.

Araceli Avila, the child’s mother, just wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. She wants answers about how her healthy 3-year-old could die during a simple procedure.

The mother said that a dentist at Western Dental in California recommended that her daughter undergoes surgery for two molars, two extractions, and two teeth capped. They referred her to Children’s Dental Surgery in Stockton, California.

She went on to say that they cannot understand how this happened. All she did was take her daughter to a dentist to fix her teeth. Araceli shared pictures of her daughter before the surgery.

The father, Jose, said that when they left for the hospital, his daughter was running and very happy.

Araceli explained that she wasn’t allowed with her daughter during surgery. While waiting for her daughter, she saw an ambulance drive up to the clinic. She remembers standing up, knowing that they were coming for someone’s child, but it never occurred to her that it was for her daughter.

Just a few minutes later, a nurse came out to talk to her and explained that there were complications with Daleyza’s surgery. The nurse suggested that the child had underlying health conditions that contributed to her death.

Araceli claims that her daughter was healthy and had no health issues. All she wanted was to fix her teeth, and now her daughter is gone.

“All I did was I took my daughter to the dentist because they were going to fix her teeth and about 30 minutes later they brought her back dead.”

The local police are looking into the incident but at this time, they don’t suspect any foul play.

The family of the child just want answers. [Image by Blackday/Shutterstock]

The facility’s director, David Thompson, spoke to SF Gate about the little girl’s death. He stated that he is looking into what happened to Daleyza during her procedure. He added that they help hundreds of children each year.

“This is not an easy thing to deal with. I’ve been doing this for almost ten years now; I’ve never had a situation like this,” Thompson said.

“We’re committed to helping kids every single day. That’s our mission, that’s why we’re here. It’s risky; not everyone wants to do it.”

Araceli just wants to know what happened to her daughter and why she died. Apparently, they still haven’t revealed the child’s cause of death.

The family is seeking answers on how a simple dental procedure could end in death.

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