Jack Welch Questions Jobs Report Again

Jack Welch is questioning the jobs report yet again, this time for December. The former General Electric CEO became famous during the election for a tweet he posted alleging that the jobs report numbers were being fudged to help Obama win re-election.

Welch tweeted on Friday, “Sept/October employment revised DOWNWARD 49K..November workers looking for work DROPS 350,000…INTERESTING!!!!”

The Huffington Post notes that the longtime former GE CEO became notorious during the election for his comments, which implied that the Bureau of Labor Statistics changed numbers to make the economy look stronger. Welch’s original tweet was, “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

Jack Welch’s questioning of the September jobs report gained backing with several prominent conservatives, including outgoing Representative Allen West (R-FL). Many Twitter users, along with several media outlets, mocked him for his claims. Welch later stated that he never mentioned the White House in the statement.

Market Watch notes that Jack Welch missed commenting last month when October’s jobs report went out, causing several Twitter users to mock the former CEO. One user, @btballenger, wrote, “Not a peep from @jack_welch this morning. Man, wish we could get @realdonaldtrump to shut up like that.”

Just like the past two months, November’s jobs report was better than expected with the economy adding 146,000 jobs. Jack Welch’s comment on revisions is actually normal for the BLS, which revises its recent jobs reports when late sample reports come in. The Bureau usually surveys a sample of 60,000 households and 140,000 businesses each month.

Are you surprised that Jack Welch questioned the jobs report again?