'Cars 3': Check Out Easter Eggs And Other Pixar Movie References Spread Throughout The New Film

Disney and Pixar's latest release Cars 3 has now hit theaters and it is already getting rave reviews, but there is so much more to it all. As always with Pixar films, there are plenty of Easter eggs to be found and numerous references to other movies in the Pixar family. When you go watch the movie, make sure to pay attention to everything going on with Lightning McQueen and others, but it won't hurt to see it a second time and point out all the hidden secrets and jokes.

Please note that there could be possible spoilers ahead for Cars 3, but nothing to really give too much away. Still, if you don't want to know anything about it before viewing or simply haven't seen it yet, then stop reading now.

Cinderella's Coach

SlashFilm actually had the chance to speak with Cars 3 director Brian Fee and he was happy to reveal a few secrets of his own that he's quite proud of. Usually, Pixar movies give nods to other Pixar movies, but Fee revealed that Cars 3 actually pays tribute to the Disney classic Cinderella.

"Cinderella's chariot in Sterling's office. He's got this back wall. He's got a bunch of trophies. And what I love about it is it's…technically it's a Batmobile. It's so…it's like, of course, in some weird way, it like fits for some reason. I know it's one of my favorites."

On Nov. 22, Disney and Pixar will release their next film with Coco, and there was no sense in leaving it out of the loop even though it hasn't even hit theaters yet. Fee said there is "more than one," and one is on the TV in the training center and another can be seen when Sweet Tea is on stage with her band.

Just pay close attention to the guitar.

cars 3 easter egg pixar movie references disney
[Image by Disney*Pixar]

The Pizza Planet truck

Anyone who has ever seen Toy Story knows about this truck and you'll see it in just about every Pixar movie around. Keep an eye out for it during the demolition derby as its rocket comes into play in a big way.


No Pixar movie is ever complete without a reference to the classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where numerous Pixar animators started out. As Lightning McQueen heads in to speak to Sterling, pay close attention to the number on his office door.

cars 3 easter egg pixar movie references disney
[Image by Disney]

Some other things to look for in Cars 3:

  • The Pixar ball in the demolition derby scene.
  • BnL - Buy n Large appears to be a huge corporate sponsor in Cars 3.
These are only some of the Easter eggs which have been spotted in Cars 3, but there are bound to be many others. Have you found any?

Pixar and Disney love putting Easter eggs and other hidden things into their films as it is becoming the growing trend with all studios. Just look back at Finding Dory and you'll see they did it there just as Marvel Studios does with all their films. Cars 3 is being described as the film that gets the franchise back on track with the great quality of the first movie, and adding in so many hidden things is a great way for Disney and Pixar to build up those box office numbers.

[Featured Image by Disney*Pixar]