‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: Billy Brown Family’s Quest For Self-Sufficiency Put On Hold

The much-awaited Alaskan Bush People Season 7 finally premiered on Wednesday, June 14. The new season comes just a few months after Season 6 wrapped up amid reports that Ami Brown is terminally ill. Prior to the season premiere, the reality documentary hyped up the fact that this season will show Brown family in their darkest hour.

Sadly, the pilot episode didn’t really give new updates on Ami’s health other than a short sneak peek at the end. Rather, the hour-long episode was more like a recap of last season’s highlights with a few “never-before-seen” outtakes.

“One For All”

Titled “One For All,” the Alaskan Bush People Season 7 premiered replayed scenes from last season showing Billy Brown’s dream of being self-sufficient. The family has been building their very own small community in the Bush they call Browntown. Billy and his sons have already built the house, and now they’re trying to find ways to thrive without depending on commercial resources.

Billy had the brilliant idea of getting a female cow, which will provide the family a supply of fresh milk. His children think it’s a weird idea, but they got excited at the thought of having another pet in the Bush. They named the cow Sabrina, and Noah quickly set out to invent a siren alarm in case a bear tries to enter the cow’s pen.


The family also got a skiff boat from a local in Hoonah in exchange for hauling and delivering two septic tanks to Port Alexander. The skiff is a crucial step toward being self-sufficient, as the Browns rely on it as their primary mode of transportation to the town proper.

But their biggest challenge was how to get a continuous supply of electricity. The Brown family thought of setting up a wind-powered turbine, but Gabe and Bear encountered a disaster and ultimately destroyed their turbine. Billy made a call to Hoonah, and luckily, a man was willing to give them another turbine in exchange for 5,000 feet of lumber, which they had to produce in four days.


The family used up all their fuel to cut through piles and piles of wood, but in the end, they fell short of what was needed for the barter trade. Matt Brown decided to give his and Bam Bam’s stored red cedar wood without his brother’s consent. In a never-before-seen footage, Bam Bam finally found out that the red cedar wood was gone, but he was actually cool about it.

Eventually, the Alaskan Bush People family erected their 40-foot-high wind turbine, and Billy Brown couldn’t be prouder of the family’s accomplishments.

“We came here and not only built a house, we have electricity now. It just shows what a family can do. With faith in family, faith in God, sticking together as a family, there’s nothing the Browns can’t do.”

Browntown’s Future Is Unsure

Sadly, it seems as if all the Browns’ effort will be going to waste, as Browntown’s future is put on hold. In a sneak peek, the show confirmed reports that Ami Brown is terribly ill. The Alaskan Bush People matriarch is seen shockingly frail as she goes for a series of procedures in a hospital.


However, Ami’s spirit remains strong. In one scene, she is seen telling her husband, Billy, that they may be shutting down Browntown but they are “opening a new book.”

“Sinking boats we’ve survived…with babies. I can handle it. I’m tough.”

Meanwhile, Matt’s scuffle with explosives was also teased. It was previously reported that the Brown’s eldest son played with gunpowder and a refrigerator and had to have nine stitches in his head after the experiment went wrong.

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[Featured Image by Alaskan Bush People/Twitter]