‘Married at First Sight’ Season 5 Episode 10: Sheila Gets Pissed At Production, Ashley Walks Out On Anthony

Married at First Sight Season 5 Episode 10 just proved that no matter how well a couple might seem to be getting along during the first few weeks of marriage, there would always be a time when one of them would slip up. This week, Nate, who is one of the most likable contestants this season, did something immensely disappointing, and Ashley, who has been quite endearing in the past, committed a massive faux pas by disrespecting her husband. Ironically, in MAFS Season 5 Episode 10, it almost appeared as if Cody and Danielle, a couple that had shown the most disturbing signs of incompatibility, were the ones who actually seemed the most stable.

Nate and Sheila have gone far in their relationship over the last few weeks. Among all the couples who are featured this season, Nate and Sheila have been the favorite among viewers and avid fans of Married at First Sight alike. This week, however, the otherwise stable pair encountered some problems after Nate decided to aggressively question Sheila’s longtime male best friend, Donnay, during a rooftop party. If that was not enough, Nate, who was already quite tipsy, called his friends over to essentially bully Sheila’s best friend. Fortunately, Sheila managed to swoop in and stop her husband before things got too awkward, but the damage was already done.

In a blog post published in People Magazine, Sheila stated that while her husband is to blame for what happened to her best friend at the rooftop party, she also blames the hit reality TV show’s production for seemingly instigating the confrontation. While the validity of Sheila’s complaints about the MAFS production process is still up for question, she definitely does have a good point.

“Looking back, I could’ve definitely been more patient with Nate. He was given terrible advice, and although his execution left a lot to be desired, his intentions were pure. I was frustrated with production who instigated that situation, I felt bad for my friend who suddenly became a pawn, and I was disappointed in myself for allowing it to happen.

“As the party wrapped up, I was ready to go. Nate felt terrible and attempted to apologize, but the damage was done. Nate and I left together, but for me, the seeds of mistrust were planted and I was suddenly very leery of the production process and determined not to let there be any more casualties in this process.”

Ashley and Anthony are another couple that appears to have taken a step back in the recently aired episode. The two have encountered some roadblocks over the past week due to Ashley’s issues about taking Anthony’s last name, but since then, the two have been pretty stable, and they seemed to be progressing well in their relationship. This week, however, Ashley did something that caused numerous viewers and avid fans of the hit reality show to voice their disapproval in online forums such as Reddit.

During a get-together with friends, Ashley received a call from her sister, saying that an employee from their bar would not be able to get to work. Being the responsible sister, Ashley opted to cover for the missing employee. She did so, however, by leaving her husband unceremoniously, without saying a single word. By the time Anthony figured out what happened, his reaction was pretty much the same as viewers of the show.

“She pretty much walked out on me.”

Cody and Danielle have been having massive compatibility problems since Cody suggested that they start off as friends after their honeymoon. As the two went to the countryside this week, however, the newlywed couple appeared to have finally found some middle ground. Just as the couple finally seemed like they were warming up to each other, however, Cody ended up ruining the moment, and they ended up in the same place they were weeks ago.

Considering what happened to the other couples during this week’s episode of Married at First Sight, however, it appears like Cody and Danielle came out this week as the ones who have managed to maintain their relationship the most. Needless to say, it would be interesting to see how each of the three newlywed couples would progress in next week’s episode of the hit reality TV series.

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