‘Married At First Sight’ Season 5 Episode 7 Review: A Feminist Argument, Family Issues And Second Thoughts

Married at First Sight Season 5, Episode 7 showed the reality show’s three couples literally after the honeymoon phase. With each of the newlyweds coming to terms with the fact that they are married and that they are now living a life much different than before, things began to get a bit more complicated. Danielle and Cody are struggling with their relationship, Sheila and Nate are having trouble with family, and Anthony and Ashley are beginning to clash regarding their respective beliefs.

According to a US Magazine report, if there is anything that MAFS Season 5, Episode 7 ultimately showed, it is that things would not be so simple if two strangers just marry each other and try to make the union work. Considering the events of the recently-aired episode, however, it is difficult not to admire the work that at least two of the couples in the current season was putting into their relationship.

Of Intimacy and Dogs

Among the three couples featured on the fifth season of the hit reality TV show, it is Danielle and Cody who appear to be having the most difficulties so far. While the dynamic of the newlywed couple seemed to be okay during their honeymoon, Cody ultimately revealed that he would like him and Danielle to start as friends. This, of course, did not sit well with his wife, and things just turned south from there.

Numerous viewers and avid fans of Married at First Sight in online forums such as Reddit noted that Cody and Danielle’s situation echoed much of Sean and Davina from Season 2. Unfortunately, MAFS fans know that the Season 2 couple, while experiencing some memorable moments with each other, ultimately ended in divorce. With regards to Cody and Danielle, the recently-released episode seemed to indicate that Cody’s indecisive nature is the cause of the couple’s problems, especially since Danielle herself stated at one point that she might have married the wrong man.

When Families Strike

Among the three couples on the show, Nate and Sheila are probably the ones who are the most compatible with each other. The two just click, and despite the income gap between the two, Nate stated during the show that Sheila’s salary is not a hindrance to their relationship. While the two are doing great as a couple, however, their relationship with Sheila’s family has proven to be a lot more complicated.

Viewers and avid fans of Married at First Sight would remember that Sheila was unable to invite her sister’s boyfriend to their wedding, especially since she had a 25-person cap on her guest list. This, of course, offended her sister, who decided not to attend her wedding at all. Unfortunately for the newlyweds, Sheila’s father decided to side with her sister, putting Nate in a difficult situation of either seeming like a rude son-in-law or a husband who cannot protect his wife.

Overall, it is quite difficult to empathize with Sheila’s family during the awkward family argument, especially since Sheila’s sister appeared to be making the issue all about herself. After all, it was her sister’s wedding, and Sheila revealed that she had not even met her sister’s boyfriend that much. Nevertheless, it was quite gratifying to see Nate sticking up to his wife, despite its repercussions.

Of Names and Feminism

Ashley and Anthony are quite similar to Nate and Sheila in the way that they are pretty compatible with each other. In the recently-released episode, however, it was revealed that the couple is having issues with Ashley taking Anthony’s last name. According to her, adopting her husband’s name would practically make her lose her identity, especially since numerous people know her by her last name. After further stating that her reservations about adopting her husband’s name are a feminist issue, Ashley suggested that Anthony should take her last name instead, which of course came across as too radical for the account executive.

Considering that the couple’s issues stem primarily from a detail in their relationship, many viewers and avid MAFS fans have stated that Anthony and Ashley’s problems could easily be solved, especially since they have only been married for a short time. If there is one thing that the couple should probably be wary of, however, it would be Ashley’s sister, who has pretty much shadowed the newlyweds at every turn.

Married at First Sight Season 5 airs every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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