Lena Dunham Shares Nude Selfie On Instagram, Talks About Body Confidence

Lena Dunham is just one of the celebrities who is oozing with body confidence. It comes as no surprise to see the Girls star bare so much skin as she gets to flaunt her body on the HBO series a lot. She even gets criticized for it, but Dunham is not taking any of that and she wants everyone to know through her latest Instagram selfie.

In her latest post on the social media platform, the 31-year-old actress said that her body has been a “fodder of jokes” for a very long time despite loving herself and her figure. But now, she said she feels positive and “deeply comfortable” about herself, all thanks to Instagram user Eating Boys who inspired her and gave her the confidence she needs. A lengthy statement from the actress accompanied the photo of her naked tattooed body, with her breasts covered in pear emojis and her lower part with an image of a honeypot.

Dunham received a lot of love from fans who showered her with positive comments for embracing her true self. But the writer-producer has had her share of criticism coming from trolls who pick at her curves and from people who think she’s a hypocrite for having lost some weight in the past few months.


Lena was even featured on a magazine cover that headlined about her “diet tips,” which she wasn’t thrilled about. She slammed a magazine last month with a sarcastic Instagram post containing 20 of her own tips, which included “an election that reveals the true depths of American misogyny ” and “abdominal adhesions pinning ovary below uterus.”

Towards the end of her post, Dunham made a point to call out the magazine.

“I have no tips, I give no tips. I don’t want to be on this cover ’cause it’s diametrically opposed to everything I’ve fought my whole career for.”

The Girls showrunner recently had to cancel her Lenny IRL tour due to her health. Lena has been battling endometriosis, a condition characterized by the growth of tissues outside the uterus, for quite a long time now. She thought she was declared to be free of the disease after having her fifth procedure. But after her May 1 Met Gala red carpet appearance, Dunham had another health scare and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Lena Dunham is confident about her body and shares nude selfie on Instagram

At that time, Lena let her fans know about just how painful it was for her. She never failed to thank the people, both online and in real life, who’s been supportive of her.

This disease is wily and unrelenting, and I’m really blessed to have a community, both online and IRL, who let me express how hard that is,” Dunham wrote on the Lenny Letter website.

“Inspired by you, I’m gonna say ‘Eff you’ to embarrassment and walk the walk of a woman who really takes care of herself. My goals have to be simplified for this moment: to write and to heal.”

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]