The Bella Thorne And Scott Disick Saga Continues: Flowers Sent, Faces Covered

Bella Thorne appears with her face covered just days after revealing publicly that Scott Disick has a drinking problem.

The Daily Mail reports that Bella Thorne stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday with a scarf wrapped around her head, triggering an outpour of reactions on social media.

Bella Thorne’s unsuccessful attempt to go incognito comes just days after the 19-year-old starlet publicly slammed her short-lived fling Scott Disick, whom she was photographed getting handsy with at their Cannes vacation together last month.

Wearing a scarf wrapped around her head for some reason, Bella Thorne made a trip to Katusya to grab some takeout. The singer, who caused quite a stir in the media with her high-profile romance with Scott Disick, was photographed as she made her way to a black SUV.

Bella Thorne may be looking for more privacy as her fling with Scott Disick triggered a brouhaha when the starlet was photographed getting cozy with the 34-year-old reality star, who kept grabbing her boobs during the Cannes vacation.

After her failed attempt to stay incognito on the streets of L.A., Bella Thorne took to Snapchat later that day to share her scarf-free look.

Looking visibly the same as during her most recent scarf-free public appearance – with no swelling, acne, or bruises on her face – Bella Thorne wasn’t shy on Snapchat when she filmed her reaction to receiving flowers, which reportedly came from none other than Scott Disick.

By sending the flowers to Bella Thorne after their controversial romance that went south, Scott Disick is apparently looking to offer up an olive branch to the 19-year-old starlet, according to TMZ.

However, Scott Disick may want to be a little smarter next time – if mending fences with Bella Thorne, not triggering her fury, was his intention – as he apparently sent a very similar bouquet of flowers, a generous bouquet of pink roses sprinkled with few orange peonies, to his ex-girlfriend and mother of his three children Kourtney Kardashian the same day!

In what became an awkward situation, Kardashian also shared her bouquet on Snapchat, and users were quick to notice the similarities.

So Bella Thorne wasn’t the only one who woke up and smelled the roses on Wednesday morning. While it’s unclear what Scott Disick was trying to achieve with his wholesale flowers delivery mission, it’s unlikely the reality star came out smelling like a rose.

Scott Disick’s seemingly cute gesture comes just days after Bella Thorne set the record straight about her short-lived fling with the reality star in Cannes last month.

Speaking to People magazine earlier this week, Bella Thorne revealed that while Scott Disick is “nice” and “sweet,” his lifestyle was a bit much for her liking, as the actress complained that her Cannes vacation buddy “really drinks a lot.”

Bella Thorne also insisted that Scott Disick did not grab her boobs, as seen on one of the photos taken during their intimate vacation in Cannes, but was merely trying to prevent her boobs from falling out of the swimsuit!

But Bella Thorne wasn’t the only one who Scott Disick cozied up with during his Casanova-style vacation in Cannes, as the famed sex addict was spotted with multiple women during the film festival.

After photos of Scott Disick getting handsy with other women were made public, Bella Thorne reportedly felt “used” by the reality star. And now with the flowers Disick is apparently trying to make amends with the actress and put the hard feelings behind them.

Despite many interpreting Scott Disick’s flower delivery gesture as a boyfriend-move, Bella Thorne revealed she is “single like a Pringle” during her chat with Entertainment Tonight earlier this week.

The Bella Thorne/Scott Disick saga rages on, and new developments could come very soon, as millions of eyes are fixed on Thorne’s Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

[Featured Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images]