‘Midnight, Texas’: Episodes Are ‘Carnival Rides’, Expect Multi-Genres, And There Is Even A Talking Cat

Midnight, Texas is premiering on NBC next month. For the first time in years, it seems that there will finally be some good summer TV shows. At the ATX Festival in Austin, the upcoming series was discussed. Expect every episode to be a carnival ride and it will incorporate many different genres. Besides a psychic, weretiger, witch, vampire, angel and other supernatural creatures, there will even be a talking cat.

The new TV show is based on a set of books written by Charlaine Harris. If that name sounds familiar, it is because she is also the author of True Blood, which was also turned into a series. It is about a psychic named Manfred Bernardo, portrayed by Francois Arnaud. He did some bad things to some bad people and is on the run. Taking the advice of his dead grandmother, Manfred goes to Midnight. However, it is not an ordinary town and he certainly won’t find any peace while there.

The community is full of supernatural creatures. Unlike other places, the supernatural characters feel accepted and consider the town to be their home. However, the drama starts in the first episode, when Manfred moves into a house filled with spirits. That isn’t the only storyline to expect in the season premiere.

When a woman is murdered at a picnic, the whole town becomes suspicious of Manfred. There seems to be only one person who doesn’t judge the newcomer. That person is Creek Lovell (Sarah Ramos), a waitress at the local diner. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Manfred and Creek share a bond, even though the waitress seems like one of the most normal people in town, she finds out a dark family secret.

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At the ATX Festival in Austin, Entertainment Weekly talked to the cast and crew about Midnight, Texas. Monica Owusu-Breen, executive producer and one of the writers teased that every episode is going to be a carnival ride. She revealed that the show will even have a talking cat and will incorporate supernatural, horror, comedy, and Western genres. It was also revealed that this season used the first and third books.

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Owusu-Breen also explained how Midnight, Texas will be different from True Blood.

“I think for me what makes Midnight special is that it has this kind heart in the middle of it. All these people who have never felt at home or who have been persecuted or have suffered have found a place they’re accepted. That’s different from True Blood. From [True Blood‘s] first cold open that show was about desire and blood and body fluids.”

NBC airs the first episode of Midnight, Texas on July 24.

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