Miley Cyrus And Jimmy Fallon Go Undercover As Subway Singers On ‘Tonight Show’

It takes a lot to get the attention of subway riders in New York City, but Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon were able to do just that on The Tonight Show. The new country duo sported some disguised looks and headed to the Rockefeller Center station in Manhattan for a special concert. They were hoping to surprise fans, but do you think that anyone in that crowd didn’t know it was Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon?

Miley Cyrus appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and before the taping, Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon decided to go undercover and head down to the subway. In New York City, you see singers all the time. They are performing and hoping for a little money from any fans out there. However, Miley and Jimmy set up camp to perform and see if anyone would recognize them with their new looks.

It did not take long for a crowd to start forming around the duo, as Miley Cyrus started out singing a cover of “Jolene” by her godmother, Dolly Parton. We have all heard Miley take on this song before, so we all know that she can sing the heck out of the song. Apparently she does not need a big stage to make it happen either, as she was rocking it out underground.

Miley was belting out the music and the fans started to form around her. You know they weren’t gathering for some random person singing in the subway either. They all knew it was Miley and word traveled fast. Before you know it, they had a huge crowd around them and it was just a regular concert for everyone involved.

Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon took of their disguises for their second performance, as they took on Miley’s big hit, “Party in the U.S.A.” Jimmy was there to get the crowd pumped and Miley was there to show off her great vocals.

It seriously looked like everyone was having a blast down in the subway. The fans were singing along and Fallon even let them belt out some of the lyrics into his microphone. You can’t know anyone when they bring it that close to the fans, so good job Miley.

Check out the Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon performances from the subway on The Tonight Show below.

[Featured Image by Rob Foldy/Getty Images]