‘The Little Couple’ Filming News: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, And The Kids Spotted Filming In Texas

TLC”s The Little Couple hasn’t aired new episodes since March 2016 and fans are desperate to see Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey on television again. The show has been on hiatus due to a legal battle, but supporters have caught some hints that filming might be taking place. Now, news has emerged confirming that they are actively filming again.

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s series has been on hold due to a legal battle between Discovery and LMNO Productions, which previously produced The Little Couple. The legal war has been going on for months now, and Jen and Bill recently got involved by filing papers of their own.

Fans have caught glimpses of what appeared to be a professional camera crew in some of Jen and Bill’s social media posts, but the Little Couple stars have not addressed anything regarding filming recently. However, now a media outlet is reporting that the family has been filming and this is exciting news for anxious supporters.

The Beaumont Enterprise details that Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey were spotted visiting the Fire Museum of Texas on Wednesday. As it happens, the Little Couple personalities had some additional people with them. A professional film crew was there filming the excursion as Arnold, Klein, and the kids visited the museum.

Based on a couple of photos that have emerged of the visit, it looks like the family may have taken pups Rocky and Maggie along for the trip. The museum is located in Beaumont, Texas, which is not terribly far from where Jen, Bill, and the kids live in Houston, so this wasn’t nearly as long a trip as some others they have had lately.

Brother & Sister. Besties forever! #littlecouple #beachlife

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As everybody waits for the show to return, Jen and Bill keep their supporters updated with plenty of social media posts. Zoey and Will got to spend some time at the beach recently as well, and Arnold noted in her post that the two kids are besties with one another. It seems they were visiting a beach in St. Petersburg, Florida, rather than a beach in Texas. Many fans would bet that the Little Couple stars spent some time connecting with extended family while they were out that way, as they do have relatives in Florida.

Another recent Instagram post showed Zoey hanging out at Rocky & Maggie’s, Bill’s pet boutique in Houston. Jen’s post noted that Zoey loves animals and she looked right at home playing around in the boutique after hours.

Shopping after hours in our own shop! @rockyandmaggies #ZoeyLovesPets #littlecouple

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What comes next for the family? Klein did recently tease that cool things are coming, and a series return may be one of those exciting things ahead. Bill and Jen have not said anything recently about when The Little Couple will return. However, Arnold did tell a fan last December that they were filming and they hoped to be back soon.

A specific The Little Couple return date remains unknown, but having it confirmed that a film crew was with Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey during their recent adventure does seem like good news. It sounds as if the family has plenty of additional adventures on the way and it looks like a film crew will be continuing to tag along to record it all for when The Little Couple can get back to TLC with new episodes.

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